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Thanks to TriMoEngr for tagging me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  Now I have to get to tell you some random things about myself.  Seeing as I love to talk about myself, this shouldn't be hard, but since I'm a big oversharer anyway, I'm having a hard time coming up with something random that I haven't told you all before.

1.  I got pregnant the first time I had sex.  Good thing I waited til I was 19.  My brother's daughter was conceived when he was 19.  My oldest son is 19 now.  Don't think the number doesn't scare the crap out of me. 

My 19 year old self in front of the house my parents bought for me to live in. 
It was right down the block from my college.
2.  I originally majored in English during my first stint in college.  People would ask what I was going to do with that degree, was I going to be a teacher.  No way, was my answer.  But during a 5-year hiatus from school after my middle son was born I worked at a children's home for profoundly disabled kids, then a group home for adults with developmental disabilities, then a developmental training workshop, where I realized to my surprise that I really liked teaching.  So I went back to school and got my degree in special education.  And I still really like teaching 10 years later...most days. :)

3. If I could make my living by writing, I would.  I love to write.  I wrote a lot when my older boys were little, poems and short stories, and there's the skeleton of a novel rattling around in a file somewhere.  A few years ago, Jeff told me I should start writing again; now I think he gets a little annoyed at the time I spend writing.  The majority of my earlier "work" stemmed from a lot of unhappiness; now that I'm not unhappy, all I have to write about is training and racing.  It's awesome, because my blog is frequently the tipping point that will get me to try something just so I can write about it.

4.  I haven't counted the number of times I said "write", "wrote", or "writing" in that last item.  I know it's probably a ridiculous amount and proof that I'm not a very good writer. :P

5.  I love Facebook.  I spend way too much time on it (just ask Jill), but I love the way it allows you to connect with people you otherwise couldn't on a regular basis.  Also, I love that it gives me back my maiden name.  That's an important part of who I am, and it makes me happy to see it still written as part of my name.  That's even how I think of myself: all three names.  When my ex-husband and I divorced, I kept his name because it was my kids' name, but as soon as I moved back home I missed my old name.  Facebook gives me the perfect mix of who I was plus who I am now...with the ex's name conveniently absent. :)

6.  I'm a world-class procrastinator (which is why I'm doing this post instead of wrapping presents or cleaning my house for the family Christmas we're hosting next Tuesday).  I could eliminate a huge amount of stress and added expense from my life by kicking the procrastination habit. 

6b.  On the other hand, there were some pretty good last-minute Christmas sales today.  Also, if I hadn't waited til later last night to go to Old Navy, I might not have been able to use the man ahead of me's coupon to save 30% off my already low sale prices...or pass it on to the couple in the parking lot.

7.  I love strawberries but not strawberry ice cream; grapes but not grape jelly; oranges but not orange juice; baked potatoes but not mashed potatoes.  How's that for random?

  I'm not super picky, but you could definitely Fear Factor me with food you can buy at the grocery store.  Speaking of Fear Factor, no way.  I don't need $50,000 enough to get me to do some of the things they do just for a chance of winning.  Now Survivor or Amazing Race, sign me up!

8.  I'm much shyer than anyone who knows me would think.  My job has been really good for forcing me out of that.  One thing that it turns out I'm pretty good at is talking to unhappy parents at IEP meetings; hearing that your child would benefit from special education is one of the last things most parents want to hear, and they carry a lot of assumptions and fears about special ed.  I used to come home in tears because it's so hard to be the teacher that no one wants their kids with, but typically after a few months in my class (and not just my class, but this is my experience and so that's what I'm talking about) parents tell me how happy they are, and more importantly, what a difference they can see in their child. 

9.  I like a good challenge.  Cleaning my house is a challenge, but it doesn't fall into the "good" range, unfortunately.

10.  This isn't all that interesting.  If you want to read something more fun, you should look back at my post about CXMAS

Best. movie quotes. ever.
11.  OK, one more.  When I was in college, my friends raved about the movie A Christmas Story, quoting lines and laughing hysterically.  I had to watch that movie, and then when I did it was a total letdown.  Fast forward about 8 years, and I was spending the weekend at Jeff's while my boys were with their dad.  Some TV station was running an A Christmas Story 24-hour marathon, and we kept catching parts of it.  Something about seeing it over and over and over I find it hilarious.   

Also in college, we watched the movie Scrooged for the first time and my friends had to explain to me why the fake show "Father Loves Beaver" was so funny.  I had never hear the term "beaver" to describe something other than a toothy mammal.

Your turn...tell me something random about yourself.


  1. I really don't "get" those types of movies but for some reason "Merry Christmas. Shitters full" from Christmas Vacation cracks me the heck up and I say it over and over and over (in my head of course!). :O)

  2. Though I've followed you for quite a while now, I learned a few things (so nice job on the post.

    1. You were very unlucky when you were young. First time is rough!

    3. Now I know why your posts always read much better than mine. I've never liked writing....

    6. I didn't think many people procrastinate as much as I do. I bet I could be right there with you in the procrastination Superbowl :)

    8. If you're shy, my name must be in the definition of introvert in the dictionary :-). I go to races and struggle to say hi to people I don't know. You go to races and develop instant friendships!

    11. My neighbor has a very big furry cat and a neighbor kid came over once, pointed to the cat and said "Is that a beaver?". Needless to say, the beaver jokes flow freely whenever we are over at their house. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Ah! Another teacher!! Crazy about #1. I bet it happens more than most people think.

    Random fact...i just made my first cake ever (not from a box). Wow. tastes great but I hate baking! lol

  4. Wow! First time out and you had happen what no one thinks will happen to them. Amazingly supportive parents to buy you a house I assume so you could still go to college???

    What random thing can I tell you? I am also shy and find it very hard to make small talk. I suspect you are actually pretty good at it.

    I hate snakes but you probably know that.
    I have a very dry sense of humor and can 'fool" many people with a totally straight face. I love joking with my kids at school.

    Our last day of school today was exhausting but kind of fun. (not random just filing you in)

  5. And oh yeah, I can't run with you in the morning because I'm swimming with Emily.

  6. Here's something random about me: I don't like FB much! :) Haha! Actually, I don't mind it, I just don't know enough about it and when I log in and scroll through the couple pages of people on those pages, I make a few comments and then close up shop. Then I find out I missed a million things ... why does FB randomly select people for me to view? I also need to remove half my "friends"....I can't keep up with them and I don't know who they heck they are! :)

    Ok, that was a very long and worthless comment about FB! I do laugh when I pop over to your wall from time to time and see how many times you posted that day! :)

    Kate, you didn't just write a lot back when you boys were little, you write a lot now, too! But you have THE best race reports ever and you know how much I love your lack of fear for whatever challenge you sign up for. Me, I have to ponder it so long... sometimes way too long and then it's full!

    I'm pretty behind on blogs, must go and read the cxmas one here soon!!

    Hope our paths cross for reals soon, SK - I think we'd have a blast together!! Let's think twice about doing Whitney again, though...let's maybe go tot Mexico and sip margaritas on the beach and do nothing instead! Whitney was too hard, and it left your head with a big headache...and flat!

  7. i beg to differ, this is interesting! I love this Kate! We have a lot in common. Love for writing, facebook infatuation, getting prego first time we had sex...okay, nope not me but first time I tried to get prego I got prego. :) Christmas Story not being funny the first time, etc. Love learning more about you. OH, and I LOVE survivor. Have you seen the footage of when they go to camp ponderosa after they get voted off? too fun! if not, you must google Survivor South Pacific (for example) Ponderosa and you can spend lots of time watching more of Survivor..the parts they don't show you. So sad about the outcome of this season. I want to be on Survivor. :) Merry Christmas dear Kate!!

  8. This was a great post. I really enjoyed getting to know you more. I used to hate Christmas Story but as I got older I began to relate to some of the parts in it and I find it hilarious now. :-)

  9. Lots of fun facts about you :) Even the challenges all conspired to make you YOU...and a super cool you you are :P

    Merry Christmas :)

  10. We are SO alike!!...but I already knew that :-)
    I can't believe you didn't know beaver...really?

  11. Merry Christmas Kate,

    I used to work in a nickle mine (5 yrs) at 2800 foot level and have been 4300 feet underground......I am now an instructor (radar systems) and my students are engineering technologists...who knew?

    ELF cracks me up...especially when he explains the most important food group...SUGAR!

  12. LOL at #9 - so true! Love this list :) Hope you have a great Christmas!

  13. I love Xmas Story--it gets funnier the older I get. There are two houses in my neighborhood with leg lamps. I always go out of my way to drive past them.

    Merry Christmas, Kate!

  14. You got pregnant when you were19 and my wife became mom when she was our children are 32 and 27.
    Interesting list, these "awards" are a good way to know better each other.
    Merry Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  15. The beaver story is completely true. And it shed a lot of light on that scene in "Naked Gun" when Priscilla Presley climbs the ladder:

    "Nice beaver."
    "Thanks, I just had it stuffed."


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