A banner week...

I could get used to weeks like this...

Starting with last Saturday, when I PR'd the 15k trail race I was in AND beat my nemesis/runemy...

(Skipping over Sunday, when it took me 3 hours to run 11 miles...)

I can't think of anything special on Monday, but Tuesday was the last session of my first night class.   It's a huge relief to be finished with that one!  In addition, N. is now finished with club volleyball until school is out, which means no more driving to St. Louis 3 times a week.  I feel like I just got my life back...or at least my evenings.

And then Wednesday was doubly good.  First, I had a great run before N's doctor's appointment.  It started off feeling terrible, so I decided to run it as speedwork, and my fast intervals were 8:29, 8:23, and 8:53, which is fairly fast for me.  Plus, the weather was gorgeous.

While sitting at the doctor's office, though, I got the best news: my friends at Team Virtus gave in and announced me as an "official" team member.  And they did so in quite possibly my very favorite blog post ever.  I may have a little trouble getting my swelled head through doorways for a while.  Don't believe me?  Here's a little preview:

It gets even better.  Really, you should read the whole thing, but the upshot is that, despite my unfortunate lack of facial hair, I am officially one of the guys.  Now I just need some argyle socks in the team colors.

All that's missing is me...well, and Casey and Darin
I've had the opportunity to hang out with the guys at last year's Castlewood Cup, the Deuce, the Tall Oak Challenge, Berryman (twice), and before/after the Castlewood AR, and by now they've been around me enough to know what they're getting into.  God help them.

Next up is the LBL Challenge adventure race.  Bob, Casey, Luke, and I will be heading to Tennessee in 3 short weeks (likely three of the longest weeks I've waited through in a while) for my first 24 hour race.  I can't wait!!

If all of that goodness isn't enough, I'm supposed to spend Saturday mountain biking with friends at Middlefork (yes, I'm cheating on the 50k training).  Hopefully the weather holds and doesn't change the plans.

Really, there's only one big thing that could be the icing on this great big cake of awesome...and if so, you'll be sure to hear about it.  Eventually. :)


  1. Congrats on the banner week and gracing Team Virtus with your presence! They are lucky to have you vs. their competitors.

  2. My brain keeps reading it as "Team Virus."

    And they're lucky to have you!

  3. Great interval work, Kate!

    That photo of you jumping the rocks...That is just like ME , but I land with my forehead on the rock. CRACK. Yep...LOL you are a stud. I am a klutz.

    Congrats on making the cool team!!

  4. If I was super I might have had weeks like this as well. Congrats on getting the team membership, awesome! They clearly know their supers. Have a great weekend Kate!

  5. Abby @ Have Dental Floss, Will TravelMarch 2, 2012 at 7:21 AM

    I'm just waiting for the announcement on here of a Pennsylvania trip for early June ;)

    Congrats on finishing your first class!

  6. great week, keep it up.
    I too misread it as team virus ... lol

  7. Nice week in so many ways! Congrats on your new team. Clearly you are a great addition.

  8. Congratulations on making the team! Good luck at LBL!

  9. Please enjoy some of the Virtus snacks at LBL. I expect a podium finish from you guys!

  10. Awesome week! Congrats to finishing up the class and club games and being able to focus on your true loves with a "new" team for a while!

  11. So excited for you!!

    (and I have to know if you are a Tenacious D fan - I kept hearing Jack Black's voice throughout their blog post (every time they referred to you as "KG"))

  12. How awesome to have such a good week. And that blog post was great! The person you are celebrating on Monday must have been a local hero. I have never heard of him.
    I couldn't handle all my evenings being busy. Glad you have yours back.

  13. A whole lot of awesomeness for sure! So happy for you. I'm glad your lack of facial hare did not impede your ascension to the Team Vertus throne!
    Blog design is so not my own. I am a tech ninnie at best.

  14. An awesome week.
    Now the Team Virtus is invincible!

  15. Congrats, Kate! You deserve lots of awesomeness. (I don't know how I missed this post last week.) I hope you got to do the mountain biking excursion yesterday.

  16. Red jello with bananas...the dessert of my childhood!! Seriously...I think that is ALL we ever had :p

  17. Smiling big while reading this Kate. I've been so bad at blogging but it sure is good to get here and check up on you and see that things have been so fantastic. Great interval work and wows all around. And you look hard core as always!

  18. Sounds like an awesome week. Team Vitus is all the better for your admission...


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