Three things Thursday

1. Cyclocross: Tired of reading about cyclocross already?  Sorry...the season goes into December.  And even though I already wrote about last Sunday's race, then I saw some more pictures that were taken there and had to share.

How great is this picture? I love it! You can actually tell I'm in motion. Photo credit: Eli M.

This has to be the first or second trip up the run-up because I'm still smiling.

2. Haircut! My hair's been annoying me for a while's just way too long.  Looking at the pictures from this weekend, even braided it was ridiculously long.  Time for a change, so I stopped on my way home from work.  Why are the lights at hair salons soooo unflattering? I had a mild panic looking at myself in the mirror there...


...but after I got home and brushed it out and realized I could still braid it, I was pretty happy with it.
3. New shoes!!  I'm too lazy to go grab my well-loved Asics trail shoes and take a picture of them, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I say that they've been destroyed by adventure racing. They're fantastic trail shoes, but they're not durable enough to stand up to the off-trail conditions that AR requires. I have a pair of Nike trail shoes that I got for Christmas, but while I like them OK I don't love them. They've been moved to adventure racing trekking shoes and being replaced by some Brooks Cascadias.

Wasn't so sure about the black, but the other choice had way too much going on for my tastes.

I actually tried on a previous incarnation of these shoes and loved them but opted to stick with another pair of my tried and true Asics rather than spend an extra $40 on shoes I'd never worn before.  Hopefully I love these as much as I think I will, because they've got a 30K race to carry me through next month!


  1. Nice action shot in that first pic!

    Your hair doesn't look too short at all. I'm an e pert in that area in that I always request that Cheryl doesn't cut her hair too short :-).

    I'm in the market for some trail shoes. Let me know how you like them after a few runs.

  2. I enjoy your cyclocross posts as I am not familiar with it. Awesome photos! Nothing wrong with the hair :) I love new running shoes! Have a great weekend Kate!

  3. Awesome, badass pics! Love the hair and yay for new shoes. My hair is also Waaaay too long. THen of course we were at a charity thing and someone said, "Oh your hair is longer, I love it! Don't cut it!" Ha watch me!

  4. The Cascadias are great and built to take a beating!

  5. That first picture is frame worth. Definitely one to put at school where the kids can see it! Love the new haircut and the shoes are very pretty.


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