All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Seriously.

A long time ago, when dinosaurs were a recent memory and I was in grade school, I went over to a neighbor friend's house, jumped off his loft, hit my chin on my knee, and knocked out my bottom (permanent) tooth.  Luckily, the tooth was able to be re-implanted, preserving my toothy smile.

Well, we've had a good run, my tooth and I, but it finally came to an end.  I'd had a stretch with little dental care while I was poor and my older boys were little; I was very thankful for the medical card that covered us, but finding a dentist who'd accept it wasn't easy.  When we finally got basic dental coverage, x-rays showed that the replaced tooth was dead and would need to come out.  Since it's front and center in my mouth, you can imagine how happy I was about that news, especially once I got an idea of what dental implants cost.

We eventually got better dental coverage, but the tooth didn't really give me any problems, so I ignored it while we worked to pay off the ridiculous amount of dental bills we accrued when Jeff needed multiple root canals. And then Nathan had two surgeries, which we're still paying for, so the tooth never moved off the to-do list.  All this is to say that it's my fault, and not our dentist's, that things got to this point.

I guess it got tired of waiting, and over our extended Christmas/snow break it developed an abscess.  Actually, as it turned out, its neighbor developed the abscess because it had been affected by the other dead tooth, and now I was losing not one, but two teeth. In the front of my mouth.  Today.

I'm trying hard to keep my perspective on this. I know there are far worse things that can happen; in fact, people around me are living them right now.  Even just in the tooth department, at least they're bottom teeth and not top ones. But many tears have been cried. It's taken me 40 years to get to a point where I'm comfortable with how I look, and now I'm very self conscious again.

Maybe not so much for a little while
I should only have a few weeks with this new gap-toothed smile before it gets filled in with an appliance, and luckily, with my reputation for falling, people are likely to believe whatever crazy story I come up with to explain my missing teeth.  Or just assume it's something more extreme than a playdate gone wrong.


And in the meantime, maybe I'll just trade my biking/running time to hang out with hockey players.  I'll fit right in.


  1. Ugh an appliance. I feel for you. I have lived this. Except it was my top front multiple teeth. A biking accident of all things. They were put back in and lasted a good while. Then the abcess, then the implants....the rest is history. Hugs!

  2. I suddenly like you even more because I can relate to all these dental hassles. I feel your pain. Literally. It will get better soon. Good luck!

  3. If you say you did it climbing Mt. Whitney carrying that 5 ton cooler on your head, it'd actually be a kinda cool thing to tell others!

  4. Ugh. I hear you. I would be very self conscious too! I got an implant recently. Very expensive and it took forever. It was the best option. The tooth was just in the sight range and being toothless is not okay. Good luck. May the time fly quickly.

  5. At least your teeth will match your overall tough persona!
    But really, that sucks. I'm sorry. Ive been lucky to have remarkably healthy teeth, considering that I never went to a dentist until I was 20 (true story. And I had no cavities. But I did have a cracked tooth!). When I do have dental bills they terrify me, so I feel for you. If you have a dental school in your area, they often do work for cost only if that helps.

  6. Ah man that REALLY SUX (and I know it's not a cheap fix)...and makes me a lil nervous. When I was a kid, my big brother threw a softball at me and it hit me in the two front teeth; TOP row CENTER. According to the dentist(s) it's only a matter of time before they fall out or need to be pulled out. And like you I"m FINALLY getting comfy with me and how I be sure to keep notes on how you trudged thru so you can talk me off the ledge when it's my turn! :O)

  7. That sucks. Hope it's not too painful or expensive.

    Losing them in your UFC debut is pretty badass though :-)

  8. Not fun at all. I have a few dental issues myself. I think at our age it is pretty normal to have a few. Your lifestyle allows for some great adventure stories of how you lost your teeth.

  9. I'm sorry - that's a bummer:( Hopefully the time goes by quickly.

  10. Dental care is an often overlooked part of one's health, so I can't blame you if you missed out. However, it's never too late to get a check-up. Who knows what kind of dental emergency can be averted with a single visit.
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  11. I agree with Anthony. While others are neglecting their dental health, you’re already thinking of getting a check-up. You can find a reputable dentist who has affordable rates for your dental care. Hope you’ll be able to find time and enough budget to take care of your teeth. Keep us updated! :)

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