Thursday things

1.  I miss the race.  If you haven't yet read my Berryman Adventure race report (and you have a free hour or so) you should check it out.  One of the coolest things I've ever done.  I was still riding the high on Monday, and it's been downhill from there.  A friend termed it PRD (Post Race Depression), which sounded about right, though it could also be...

2.  The fact that I'm "tapering" (if "tapering" can be defined as "doing nothing athletic for two weeks other than a 14.75 hour adventure race") for Sunday's ill-advised private half ironman.  I'm feeling seriously fidgity and out of sorts.

The mother of all tapers.  Add in some hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing on Sat.  That is all.
3.  The "out-of-sorts" feeling is being compounded by the fact that our annual family Halloween party is turning into something of a scheduling nightmare.  Wake me up in November.

4.  Why do I call Sunday's race ill-advised?  I'm basically trained for the half marathon part.  My long bike ride for the year is 33 miles on the torture chamber that is my bike seat (on the other hand, I've several 3.5+ hour rides in on my mountain bike), and I've been swimming three times.

5.  On the other hand, I get a free race, free shirt, and free dinner (which sounds awesome), all for just showing up.  Who you calling ill-advised?

6.  If I don't finish the race, though, I'll only be able to sleep in the shirt.  With it inside-out.  The print might be scratchy, so I'm most likely going to have to HTFU and rely on grim determination to get to the dinner finish line.

7.  The half marathon portion will be run in 2-mile loops, and my 7 year old son is all about running a loop with me.  I think we're going to compromise on him riding his bike and me running.  The football game will be on in the garage/transition area, so I think I think I'll be able to convince my husband to come and "spectate".

8.  Thanks to the adventure race (yeah, I don't get far from the topic), I've got two new adventure racing blogs to obsessively read, which will be a nice change from obsessively REreading the ones I already stalk read.  Abby and Laurie, you'll be seeing a lot of me.  Comment-wise, anyway.

9.  I should be making supper, but we're having frozen pizza.

10.  Although the adventure race is over (Did I mention I was just in an adventure race?) I do have a couple things to look forward to:
  •  a return to Castlewood State Park for the Skippo trail race.  I did the 20K last year (the origin of Team Hangover).  This year there's a 10K, a 20K, and a 30K.  I'm toying with the idea of the 30K just because, you know, why not?
  • a return to Castlewood State Park for the Castlewood 8-Hour adventure race.  Last year I volunteered.  This year, I get to compete.  Famous last words...the last two lines of the race volunteer report: I can't wait to do an adventure race.  Just...not in December.
  • a rematch with Pere Marquette State Park at the Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run, which may have kicked my ass more thoroughly last year than 14 hours of adventure racing did last weekend.
11.  After Sunday's race, I'm going to sleep for a couple of days and then start training regularly again.  Looks like it's going to need to be a heavy dose of trail running, plus I want to start lifting weights again.  And clearly I need to spend some time in a canoe.

12.  Expect the longest transition times ever for Sunday's race.  I don't have a tri suit or shorts, nor do I feel like swimming in the YMCA pool in my bike shorts and then riding wet for nearly 60 miles (I know, I'm a wimp), so...
  •  I'll be wearing a swim suit to swim,
  • changing into my bike clothes (ever tried pulling a sports bra on over a wet body?  10 minutes right there, if I escape the dressing room without a shoulder injury.  I'm going to need the reverse of one of those wet-suit strippers) for the bike leg,
  • and then change into running shorts for the run.  Just because I can.
13.  But it's all OK, because as far as I know, I'm still the only female racing.  And that means first place in my long as I make it across the finish line.


  1. A suggestion - put some slicks on your mtn bike and ride that. Comfort trumps everything, especially if you've got the win in hand. :)

  2. I considered switching out saddles. Don't have any other tires for the mtn bike. 

  3. Putting on a sport's bra wet is torture. For the 100 on 100 we changed for all our legs as we = or at least I was a mountain of sweat and the old sports bra switcharoo was the worst part.

    You are going to be an adventure race queen for sure. Can you incorporate queen into your title too?

    I've got to go click the link about the private half ironman and find out more about it. It really goes by your house??? That is fun that your son will bike part of it with you. Can you stop and catch some of the game as you go by?

  4. Only female competing? You go girl! And I Can't wait to read about it..sounds fun! I'd say good luck but you don't need it cuz you're going to ROCK IT!

  5. First for your gender and age group surely must constitute a new vehicle as the prize!!! SCORE!

    Funny...the main thing stuck in my mind with all your bullets about the race is that you're having frozen pizza for dinner tonight!! I'm in uber lethargic mode and I one upped you and got Little Cesar's for the boys cuz I had no umph to do anything with thawed chicken. Anyway, you know how I have to one up you all the time, at least in event related injuries. I have a feeling you are going to surpass me this weekend! Nah....


    You got this race, girl. You are going to knock out all the competition and make your husband so proud...well, when he catches a glimpse of you during commercial breaks. I know I will be proud!! :)

    Geez Louise, you sure have an action packed fall. I like it! :)

  6. Hey Kate, were you in an adventure race or something? Sounds like that sort of thing would be right up your alley. ;) Dude, you have every right to talk about your adventure race for as long as you like. Afterall, look how long the hood to coast talk has been going on and people are still talking about it! So continue to bask in that afterglow as long as you feel the need. That was badass and way more than I can say that I've ever done! You're truly SUPER KATe! Good luck with this next gig...gee, when do you STOP?! :)

  7. The RD didn't set a time limit for the race, so technically you can start Sunday and complete the distance over a couple days and still wear the shirt :-).

    Football will be on inside the house too. If it's chilly, you might have to go in each loop to have them cheer :-). Oh, the changing tent is inside too.

    My friend Ryan and his wife still plan to come and ring cow bells for us :-).

    BTW, I love frozen pizza. We have it pretty regularly.

  8. I think your attitude is just about right for a super race. Go and enjoy it. The main reason I always have many long term goals is to focus on the next one as soon as one is over. That takes care of the PRD. ABBY is s tough adventure racer for sure. I'll check out Laurie as well. Keep it going Kate!

  9. Knowing you, you will have a blast this weekend! Can't wait to see pics :)

  10. I'm confused--did you do an adventure race? ; )

    Have fun this weekend with the race. Love your sense of adventure (there's that word again). Just put it into your mind that you will finish and it's a done deal. Good luck!

  11. I like your attitude. You are the only female racing because when the other women read your name know that they don't have any chance.

  12. Thanks for the shout out, Kate :) You should totally come volunteer at nationals! I've run the nationals race blog three of the past four years, and it's usually a good group of people. If you come, keep an eye out for Team GOALS ARA and say hi!

    Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, I trained for an entire ironman on my mountain bike because I was simultaneously training for AR. Not ideal, but it got the job done. And last week's adventure race will give you the mental toughness to get you through the HIM, for sure.

  13. only woman!
    a super woman...!
    frozen pizza is a dinner. well here it is.
    you will cross the finish line. come on now!!!

  14. Thanks for the shoutout!

    My first adventure race was a 12-hour DNF disaster.

    So I've decided you aren't a true AR-racer until you've DNFed -- which I did at my first race, too, by the way.

  15. Also I really need to read other people's comments before posting --my comments seem to be clones of Abby's!

  16. WOW. You are an over-achiever! I love live vicariously through you.
    Meanwhile, I will be on my treadmill in the garage, looking out at the rain.....


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