Training update (AKA "Why are you so tired?")

Thursday: Road ride after work and dinner.  Not feeling it at all, but I was glad I got myself out there, even for a lackluster pedal.  18 miles @ 15.4 mph pace

Friday: Swam after work and dinner.  I have some well-documented issues with the pool, so this trip there started with dread and foot-dragging like all the others.  Then, when I got there, I had to share a lane.  Between feeling sorry that the lifeguard had to witness this sorry display of swimming and feeling sorry for the girl stuck with me, there was a lot of negativity in my head.  After realizing that I probably spent more than 15 minutes of my last swim resting (at least a minute after every lap), I came with a new plan: front crawl (?) for the first half of the lap and backstroke back.  That way, I did my resting on the return trip.  I know it wouldn't work for a regular HIM, but this swim will be in a pool.  Anyway, I was thrilled to manage 35 laps (1,750 yards) in 55 minutes -- a huge improvment from 22 laps in 45 minutes.

Saturday: Got up at 5 so that I could meet friends at 6 to run.  I wouldn't have had to get up quite so early except that, remember we only have one car right now and my husband was going to need it.  I'd been a little worried about my left knee, which seems to give me problems for a day or so after a long swim, but it did fine.  Once again I had issues with blistering, but I'm just going to have to suck it up until I replace my shoes.  I had a great time on this run.  Doing long runs with friends makes a huge difference, and all the laughing we did was a great distraction from the miles. 11 miles in about 2 hours.

Saturday, part 2: I came home, showered, and got about an hour's nap before it was time to head to my father-in-law's for some sand volleyball.  We always play on Labor Day's kind of the official court closing date.  I don't know that we've ever played on Labor Day weekend when it was 102 degrees, though, and playing 3-on-3...well, it wasn't pretty.  My feet were burning, and my legs were dead. We called it quits after about 3 games/1.5 hours.  Would've been nice to come home and take another nap, but instead we got cleaned up and went to our former high school's football game.  Which, after a long lightning delay, didn't get over til 10:30.

Sunday: Jeff's family reunion.  Played some softball.  My team kicked butt.  By that, I mean that my team played well enough to win despite me.  I'm so bad that even my children--who were on my team--mocked my batting while I was at bat (I did, however, get on base twice).  I'm so bad that our captain yelled at me "We aren't playing beanbag toss here!" when my underhand throw to first base got there way after the runner.  However, if you average my play with my kids (D hit two home runs and N managed an almost singel-handed triple play), I did just fine.  I spent the rest of the evening limping, though.  I can run long, but I can't run the bases. 

Monday: Got up early again to meet my brother and his friend to for a road ride.  Good company, good conversation, and perhaps the best part was that Scott was on a hybrid and so I could keep up with him unlike when we both rode hybrids.  The weather was actually chilly enough that I needed arm warmers and an ear cover, and it was an absolutely glorious morning for a bike ride. About 28 miles in about 1:54 (those are the stats the guys posted...I started earlier and left earlier, but it's probably about right).

Monday, part 2: Spent about 6 hours outside at my father-in-law's while Jeff ran his kids' Survivor games.  It's an annual event he puts together for the kids, and they ask about it months in advance.  He plans all kinds of fun games and competitions.

Like sword soccer

My role is generally picture-taking and gofer.  Today we had to head over early so he could set up, and when everyone else got there I was laying in the sun taking a nap.  Later in the afternoon I was sitting on a porch swing and fell asleep. 

And everyone wanted to know why I was so tired.


  1. I'd be tired too! I was laughing about your softball skills. I would have been right there with you. And my family would have been laughing. Just like our bowling experience this weekend. I was awful. Even my 4 year old beat me. But she had bumper guards. ha! And blisters...I came home with some big ones today. But a really small part of me had fun popping them.

    I found myself thinking of you today and your theory about faces of musicians when they are rocking out! ha ha. I was wondering if I would really look like that rocking out in a band. So funny!!

  2. Goodness Super Kate, I'm going to have to name you Super Energizer Bunny Kate...if there anything you don't do? Do you sleep well when you're overly fatigued? I sleep horribly when I'm exhausted. Fall asleep fine but two hours later, I'm wide awake - yawning for two hours. That's how it's been this whole week. I hope you don't have my bad habits.

    Progress in the pool - yes!!! Just keep it up and you'll get speedier.

    My kids pretty much mock me at everything I do so don't you worry about that little volleyball game, you'll show 'em when the college recruits come around and offer their MOM some big bucks!!

    Have a fantastic week...I hope you get some great rest!! (I know I'm going to be off a day all just feels like Sunday and I missed House MD, dammit!)

  3. Woah! The Super in your name is definitely well-deserved...what an unbelievable week! You are amazing!!!

  4. Busy busy busy. No luck with the Blistershield, huh?

  5. Super Kate is the right name for you! Nice going.

    So funny--I love riding my road bike while my hubs is on a hybrid too; evens the playing field!

    New URL:

  6. I am tired just reading this! Fantastic job in the pool! You SO have a HIM in you! When I can backstroke a tri, I am so there.

  7. That was one busy weekend! Man! That would not be a lackluster pedal for me. I do like the idea of averaging your kids play with yours. I will do that with my daughter's running times and I will be golden. Rest now.

  8. That is some solid training!

    You might try body gliding your blister spots and getting a good pair of running socks (if you don't already have some).

  9. After reading this post I realized that I need to work on my social skills and build better relationships with folks who share similiar interests as I. I know funny right but how cool is it to get up at 6 am to go run with friends/relatives or to "get up early again for a great ride and great conversation".

    sounds like you had a pretty darn good weekend-good for you and good for you on that swim!

  10. The word "rest" doesn't exist in your vocabulary!

  11. WHAT FUN! I love the elephant relay. You can't go wrong with the oreo one - I'm in for that one for sure.


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