What are you running from?

It's interesting to see the variety of reactions I've gotten since becoming a runner and mountain biker.  Some people think it's really cool. Other people (my husband) think maybe I should quit before we reach the lifetime limit on our insurance.  Non-runners think they could never do it.  And then there are those who don't know why I would.

"I just wonder what you're running from?  And what you're running to?"

That's the question I got this weekend.  It surprised me.  And, to be honest, it irked me a little, too.  I mean, when I was all heavy and depressed, no one asked me what I was hiding from.  When I spent my free time watching TV and reading, no one asked me what I was waiting for.  And when all I did was follow my husbands around and do the things they liked, no one asked me what I wanted to do.

So my first reaction was to be a little offended, but I'd just read something on facebook about being offended meaning you're taking yourself a little too seriously, so I took a breath, smiled, and said, "I'm running from FAT.  And I'm running to have fun."

That's kind of a simplistic explanation, though.  Yeah, I like the fact that running has me in better shape, but it really doesn't have anything to do with losing weight...which is a good thing because I haven't lost much!

I'm running from:
  • boredom
  • depression
  • apathy
  • the idea that I'm defined by who my parents, my husband, or my children are, or what my job is
  • limitations
I'm running to:
  • have fun
  • meet goals
  • see what I can do
  • feel alive
  • challenge myself
  • carve out a piece of my life that's about me
  • face the chance of failure on a regular basis

jim kate mary
But you know what? I listed out all that stuff, and it's all true, but I don't think about any of it when I run. I run because, even if I don't like to run all that much, it makes me happy that I'm able to. I run because I realized I can.

What about you? What are you running from? Or to?


  1. Sounds like a good idea for a blog post to me.

  2. I should comment on your blog more because you don'y use captchas (sp)

  3. I like that. I run because I'm able to and I can. I think I run for those reasons too. I like that people look at me as a runner instead of just a teacher, a wife, my childrens' mother. I like that when people want to know about becoming fit they think of me. I LOVED it when my son's college friend asked me how to train for a marathon - his roommate's gray haired mother.

    I also run because it does keep me sane and at some point I absolutely decided exercise rocked my life.

  4. My old MT used to ask me that now and then and it always irked me. I've been a runner since I was in high school, I ran in college...back then, I was good and I ran for the sport of it. I don't know, for me I truly believe it is part of who I am ... and why I had such a hard time when I couldn't run this past year.

    btw, I have a post up!!! *ahem* Hahah.

  5. I think I'm running from "can't." And I don't mind where I am running to... as long as it's running.

  6. Non runners just don't get it. They just don't. Now, Forest Gump - - there's a man that gets me.

  7. from....hmmm that is good: ok Depression and anxiety for me that is on top of the list.

    To: happiness, something that is just for me, health, longer life, be a good example to my kids, the challenge, the lifestyle

  8. Oh, man, I absolutely LOVE this post! "I run because I realized I can" - amen, sister!! :)

  9. This is a great post, and an excellent realization.

    I run because I always looked at runners as I was driving to or from somewhere, and I would think "man, that looks so cool. I wish I could do that."

    And finally one day I decided I WOULD do that.

  10. I'm loving this post girl! I'm running from fat, apathy, ho-hum living syndrome, going crazy from being a SAHM, settling....Running to: greatness, big goals, feeling accomplished, the high i get from it, LIFE! So glad you're thinking of doing the art thing...you could totally do a picture with your little cut and paste heads thing that you do on the computer...always makes me laugh...that's CREATIVE!

  11. I'm running from complacency and running toward JOY!

  12. i am running to see if my Achilles will burst.

    my doc told me a month ago or so i needed to stop running for this reason. i told him i will stop when it does and he will be the first to now.

    so, i guess i am running to eventually stop running and prove him right.

  13. Too many reasons and none at all. The motivation (or lack thereof) changes daily!

  14. I think Kovas is right...it changes daily. Shawn's answer is what I was first going to say "because I can"...but I think ultimately what keeps me running...and coming back to running after injuries...is that feeling during a perfect run - usually early morning, crisp air with sunshine shining down on me and I'm just flying. Not every run is like that, but when they come...all the other runs were worth it.

  15. Great post! I often think what I am doing and why.
    I began to lose the weight I put on when I gave up playing rugby. Now there are a lot of reasons to run.
    Very nice pic!

  16. I run because I can and because it makes me happy!

  17. This one makes me want to run. There are some serious therapy benefits and lately, I think I really need some therapy.

  18. hmmm, this is a tough one for me because I don't like running, yet I do. It's hard and uncomfortable but invigorating and enabling. It's humbling, yet yields a sense of accomplishment.

    Ahh, I run so I don't have to diet :-).

  19. Loved this post Kate! I started running for my health and now I just love the feeling that I can do this...that once again, I put my mind to something and just did it. It makes me feel good about myself and I love the challenge. Thanks!!

  20. I'm running from the look on my face in that picture.


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