The worst idea in the world

If necessity is the mother of invention, the father of bad ideas must be Team Virtus, and Casey in particular.

Evil geniuses
Why?  Because they are the disturbed minds behind perhaps the most terrible idea of all time, the Super Century.  What is the Super Century?  A metric century (62 mile) trainer bike ride.  Starting at 6:00 a.m., no less, on Super Bowl Sunday.

The pros: you can pretty much eat whatever you want at the evening's Super Bowl party. 
The cons: everything else.

Since you know me, I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that I jumped at the chance to share in the sheer awfulness of the idea.  It might surprise you that I'm not the only one.  Crazy people all over the country have signed on to the insanity. And since misery loves company, I'd love to welcome you to the nuthouse.  Do join us on February 5. 

The rules? There are no rules.  You can ride inside or outside.  You can ride alone or with company.  You don't have a trainer? Borrow one.  You don't have a friend with a trainer? Get new friends...or come up with a suitably awful challenge so that you aren't left out.  Some alternate ideas so far...
  • 31 miles on a treadmill
  • 150 pull ups (not sure if it's the diapers or the arm-strengthener, but either was it's got to suck)
  • 1,000 air squats
  • 150 donuts
If you're interested, and how could you not be, click on the above link to tell the guys you're in.  They've also created a DailyMile challenge if you want to sign up that way.  Of course, even if you're alone, we don't want you to suffer alone.  We'll all be tweeting (watch for hashtags like #supercentury #badideas #mytaintwillneverbethesame) and facebooking our pain throughout the experience (see the Team Virtus website linked above for their twitter and facebook links.  Really, you don't want to miss these guys).  Expect pictures, possibly video, and a LOT of complaining.

It truly sounds grueling to me.  I haven't been on my road bike since the private half-ironman in October, and I have to run 6 miles for my 50K training program after the Super Century.  In a somewhat cruel twist, Sunday's weather looks like it would be somewhat OK for riding outside, but somehow the sheer awfulness of the trainer component is what makes the whole thing worth doing for me.  Plus, you know, the opportunity to add my own notes to the symphony of pain that's going to be blasting bright and early on Sunday.

If you're in, let me know.  If you think we're crazy, let me know that, too.  C' know you wanna...and if you don't wanna but do anyway, even better. :)


  1. Awww, it's so TOO BAD that I don't have a bike OR a trainer :)

    Have fun with this. Those 6 miles afterwards are going to be brutal...can't WAIT to hear about how it all goes down!

  2. sorry. i will be doing an hm on the beautiful beaches of SoCal that day. enjoy though!

  3. If I weren't training for a tri I would honestly be all over this (my poor husband). But, I'd probably injure myself and ruin my training.

    Yup, that's my excuse.

    I love the crazy, though.

    Do another one of these in the summer. Please?

  4. So, I can do a metric century on my bike trainer ... or eat 150 donuts? Hum...decision decisions!

  5. insanity..
    well I have a prior engagement in Surf City for a 13.1 race and also meet our buddy Patrick..the goal is to make him smile for a picture!

  6. That's just crazy Kate! And starting at 6 am on top of that!.

    Hmmmm. Maybe you and Patrick could come over and we could all set up in my garage and watch movies. Did I just say that out loud?

  7. I'm definitely in but may need to adjust the schedule slightly b/c i will be enroute to run a marathon that is 2 hours away and starts at 7:05am. I know I will get in 26.2 miles that's for sure and can we call it 31 miles b/c this marathon has 4 bridges to climb? I'm not sure which is harder, riding inside on the trainer or running a marathon. I think inside on the trainer for anything that is over 50 miles. Can't wait to see what everyone does!

  8. Anything that falls under the category of "Worst Idea In The World" always makes for a good story.

    This is yet another example of something athletic that sounds awesome and miserable at the same time.

  9. Yeah I like what Jill said. Maybe she and I can split the 150 donuts. I don't have a trainer, never been on one and my gym with the treadmill isn't open long enough for me to do 31 miles so the donuts I will have to eat.

  10. Ummm...ya...I'll pass thanks! I'm crazy but not that crazy (yet!)! but I look forward to the pics and might even remember to search for that hashtag! :O) good luck

  11. "Um, yeah," as Lundberg in "Office Space" might have said. "Well...I think I'm going to....take a pass on that."

    But I hope you have "fun"! :^)

  12. OK, I'm intrigued ... Sunday IS my cross training day. 6.2 miles on my trainer - absolutely. Oh, 62??? Well, do I get to eat the 150 donuts while on the bike???
    Seriously, I just might do it. Gonna need some good trash TV to survive it.

  13. Unless we're able to get out for a few hours on trails, I'll be riding a 100k Sunday morning, either inside or out :)

  14. I love to see all the interest in the Super Century. You all are just as sick as we are. Everybody is welcome to join us in our misery...I hear it loves company.

    Take a few pictures of your Super Century (whatever you decide to do) and email them to us and we will post them on our team webpage so that you can at least see who suffered with you on Super Bowl Sunday.

    Lets see how many states we can get involved. Good Luck to all participants and enjoy your pain.

  15. My god, I hope KC is wrong. If anything over 50 miles on a trainer is harder than running a marathon, I'm screwed!

  16. Oh sorry I am afraid I can't because just now I must defend the Black Knight Kingdom borders. Maybe next time.....

  17. I might actually participate this year


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