Training update

My training has been a little aimless lately since I'm not actively training for something.  I had planned to train towards a 5K PR in a local race this past Saturday, but then the end of school came, and my son's graduation, and life got busy, and I stayed up too late to get up early...and in the end I didn't do the 5K anyway because money is tight right now and it seemed a little irresponsible to do two races in one weekend. 

So.  We've established that I lack proper self-motivation without the specter of abysmal failure in a race staring me in the face.  Solution: register for a race, quickly.  We've also established that my super powers don't extend to money handling.  Solution: get a second job, quickly.  Does anyone know of a good part time job that won't take much time, is pretty easy, won't require me to get a babysitter, pays decently, and will drop right into my lap without me actively looking for it?  No?  Well, there's always Ramen noodles.

Anyway, training...

One of my goals for this year was to incorporate strength training into my routine.  That goal languished until my friend Luke suggested I check out The New Rules of Lifting for Women.  I'll write an actual review of the book soon, but I've read through it twice and am on my fourth week of its strength training program.  I'm liking it.  I do best when someone tells me what I need to do (don't tell my husband), and the plans are pretty easy to follow.

One thing that isn't as easy for me is the emphasis on free weights/cable machines over the Nautilus-type machines which I've always used because they're pretty idiot-proof.  The free-weight section of the gym has always been intimidating to me, so I conscripted my 16-year old athlete son to come with me.  He's had to lift for years for his various sports, so he could show me what to do, right?  Sadly, he didn't want to play trainer for his gym-impaired mom, so once I got started he abandoned me for the basketball court.

Luckily, the book gives clear instructions and pictures of each exercise.  Not wanting to take it with me every time and be laughed at as I page through to re-read the instructions, I made a little cheat sheet.

Staggering artistic talent, I know.
I'm planning to follow the book's plan and hopefully have some good before/after shots to prove how effective it is.  I was going to have Jeff take my picture in a sports bra and shorts for my "before", but he's balking.  Unfortunately, my sports bras are about as sexy as orthopedic shoes, but he's not so up on the idea of me posting the picture here.  Of course, even if he comes around and takes it (or I just get one of my kids to take it), it'll still only get posted if I like the "after" results, so stay tuned. 

Week of May 8:

Wednesday: 2 mile run/walk to J's school; 5 miles speedwork (800's were 3:50, 3:44, 3:47)
Friday: 2 miles, 10:07 pace
Saturday: 2 mile hike

Week of May 15:

Thursday: 2 mile run/walk to J's school, 1.5 hours on singletrack
Saturday: 6 hilly miles @ 10:52 pace

Week of May 22:

Sunday: Conquer Castlewood--5 mile run/5 mile mountain bike
Monday: 40 minutes strength training--NROLFW workout 1A1
Tuesday: road bike--36 miles (18 on my own, 18 later with friends)
Wednesday: 40 minutes strength training--NROLFW workout 1B1
Friday: 40 minutes strength training--NROLFW workout 1A2
Friday-Saturday: marathon cleaning for son's high school graduation party
**Friday was my last day of school. :)

Week of May 29:

Sunday: 5 hours of sand volleyball (perhaps not a great taper activity before a race)
Monday: Highland Biathlon--5 mile run/15 mile road bike; 2 hours sand volleyball 2-man
Tuesday: ran 3.4 miles on cross-country course
Wednesday: road bike--15 miles
Thursday: walked 1+ miles with J, ran 1.5 miles; 40 min strength training NROLFW workout 1B2

I've been exhausted this week.  Ridiculously tired, especially when you consider that I'm not working.  More tired, in fact, than when I was working.  It's been an emotional last week or so, what with graduation and volleyball playoffs, and I'm pretty sure it didn't help to play all that volleyball on top of training and racing...but the price of getting to do what I want to do is still doing what my husband wants to do so he doesn't resent my training and racing getting in the way of our time.  Tomorrow is a rest day (well, except for my voice...I've almost got it back from Tuesday night's sectional championship match, and I'll be cheering like a crazy person tomorrow again), and I can certainly use it!


  1. I may need to get that book. Is it really that easy to follow? I like the idea of the free weights. I also like that you made a cheat sheet. I have taken some to the gym before and been afraid I would leave it lying around for someone to see. Horrors!
    Register for a race. You know you want to.

  2. I love your stick figure illustrations, I could never draw something that represented something I needed to actually do - I'd be staring at my own drawing for about 5 hours and I'd still never figure it out- ha! I love that you are strength training, I know you will notice a huge improvement next race!! :)

  3. I keep hearing about this book, and I'm really in need of some strength training...I'm looking forward to your full review!

  4. Totally hear ya about needing to sign up for a race in order to be motivated to train! Also hear ya about race fees racking up! I'm doing less races than I want to help save a little cash.

    Strength training is a great idea. Do some for me :-).

  5. That’s why I always have multiples long term goals lined up. I really just move on from the one to the next and find training throughout the year easy that way. I do upper body exercises 3 times a week and it really helps. I won’t do trail ultras without it.

  6. I love your drawings!!!

    And I've heard great things about that book. I am pro anything that gets women lifting weights.

  7. I get way more exhausted from workouts in the summertime too. I think that working helps you forget about how tired you are.

  8. I agree, your artistic talent is immense!!!
    Strength training is a good option if ... only I had the time.

  9. AHA! Ramen noodles. You may be on to something there...I really need to sign up for some more races, but I got no dough :-(


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