Five things Friday

One happy cub scout
1. Things have been crazy busy around here.  I spent two days of the week at Cub Scout camp with J and one in bed sick, so most of my blog reading and commenting has been on my phone, which only shows me the one or two most recent ones.  So if I haven't commented and usually do, that's probably why. 

photo.JPG photo.JPG

1b. At camp, I was around 19 little boys who were shooting BB guns, shooting bows & arrows, fishing, and using sling shots. I came home with both eyes intact and no injuries. I'd consider that a minor miracle. 

photo.JPG photo.JPG

1c. The camp was held at a local gun club, where my dad was a lifetime member and I spent more than my share of time as a kid. Good memories.

2.  The crazy busy won't get better for a week or so.  This weekend we'll be in Hannibal, MO, doing a lot of this:

Hannibal 2010
Mud volleyball!
3.  Once my team is knocked out of the tournament, J and I are heading north to Minneapolis to watch N's team compete in USA Volleyball Nationals.

N. and his girlfriend just cleaned off the paint from the State tournament, only to replace it with new paint for Nationals.
3b.  N's team is seeded 5th in the tournament.  Since teams from all over the country have to qualify for Nationals, this basically means that his team is ranked in the top 5 in the nation for that age group.  That's pretty cool. 

N is #9
3c. Out in California earlier this month, they tied for 3rd place against some serious competition.  This has been a heck of a year volleyball-wise, and we're really enjoying the ride.

4.  I'm running again.  I hadn't actually stopped...I just wasn't doing much of it (except virtually).  I ran three times this week.  On Sunday I logged my best time on a 3.5 mile loop I run every once in a while, I ran 6 on Tuesday, and I ran 4 today.

4b. On each of the latter two runs, I had one sub-9 min mile.  I know that's an embarrassing recovery pace for some of you, but it's pretty fast for me.  At some point, I'd like to string two of them together in a row instead of struggling to not die after one.

5.  I'm going to run the MO Cowbell Half Marathon  in October.  Yes, practically every runner I know is doing the inaugural RnR St. Louis Marathon/Half Marathon, but the cowbell half is less than half the cost of RnR.  And it has a cooler name.

6.  My marathon blisters are in a facebook contest for 2Toms.  I need at least 50 "likes" to be in the running to win a 6 months supply of blister prevention products.  I'd really appreciate it if you voted for me.  What you need to do is "like" 2Toms on Facebook and then "like" my picture.  That, unfortunately, means actually looking at the picture, but on the bright side, if I win you won't have to see any more blister pictures from me.  So, you help yourself by helping me.  Win-win.

6b. If you haven't tried their products and have problems with blisters, you definitely should.  I haven't had a blister from running since Amanda donated her winnings on Laima's contest to me...and I always got blisters when I ran.

6c. I know, I know...this is more than 5 things. 


  1. the cutest cub scout ever! makes me want to go to summer camp too :)

  2. I know! After being there I was like "I want to shoot a gun! I want to shoot a bow and arrow! I want to go fish....I mean, read a book!"

  3. that was a nasty facebook page you sent us to. I finally forgave you after I threw up and "liked" your picture for you :D

  4. Oh, where do I sign up?! I think that partipating in, or watching for that matter, mud volleyball would be a blast!

    Yes, I noticed the same thing on my phone too; I can only see the two most recent posts. Hmmm ...

  5. Loved the happy cub scout pic! Looks like a lot of fun at camp.

    5th in the nation is pretty serious braggin rights. Good luck!

    I think I'm signing up for the RnR half. Opps I missed the $85 cutoff and now it is $105 starting today. Ouch!

  6. Good attitude on your chances in the mud VB tourney...

  7. Sorry, Julie! :D

    I'll be cheering for you, Mike.

    Shannon, it's sooo much fun!

    Kovas, Lol. It's a big tournament, we haven't played much this year, and half of our team hasn't played at all, including my nephew who's coming back from a shrapnel injury that almost killed him in Afghanistan. I'm realistic. :) And, like all my other athletic endeavors, my joy is in the participation rather than victory. 

  8. hmmm missy: FB page: Gross!!!!

    1/2 price for the 1/2 that is a winner (yes Charlie Sheen is visiting us this weekend!)

  9. Very cute cub scout. I hope we get to see pics of you playing mud volleyball! I had a big smile on my face today for a sub 10 minute mile. I get it believe me!
    Have fun during the craziness of your busy life. Happy Fourth!

  10. It looks like a lot of fun in the camp. Remembering my time in the camps when I was in the Navy but that was a different situation...
    Congrats for your PB on the loop and good luck in the Cowbell Half Marathon.
    5th in the nation.... bravi!!!!!

  11. hope you are feeling better...and are enjoying the crazy busy! me-I've been busy too-too busy to keep from smashing my poor finger in the car door!! ouchie anywho..I was thinking aobut the cow bell half marathon...I LOVE the name of it!

  12. Oh nice, I am so glad you posted the mud v-ball pic. That looks like a real blast.

    My kid just finished cub country too. All eyes in tact here as well.

    And finally, I was so proud, I got my first running blisters ever (I rarely get them). Must be because I am running more in the summer.

  13. Surviving scout camp without getting your eye shot out is definitely a miracle.

    THANK YOU for the heads-up on Tour de Donut! That sounds like the most awesome race ever. I looked it up and it's on the same day as a half marathon I'm already registered for. Grrr. Next year for sure!

  14. Need more cowbell.

    BTW, what kind of attitude is that...."when we lose our match". C'mon Super Kate, you are going to win it all.


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