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Hi there, neglected blog. It's been a while. Lots going on, little time to write about it...


 We had family pictures taken over Thanksgiving. While I often dislike pictures of myself, I love theyse. Sadly, they're the first "official" family pictures we've had since Daniel and Nathan were 5 and 4.

 Christmas vacation or not, life has been busy. After my hellish run with Luke, Bob, and Christina, I promised to get to the dr and get my hip figured out. I didn't actually do that, but I did go running at Lost Valley with Patrick, Chuck, and Val. Not the best decision, since my hip was a little achy when I got up, but I figured I'd just run 5 or 6 and then wait while they finished up 12. Um...yeah, that didn't happen. I ran 9.5 wonderful miles and then limped through the last 3. Darn loop routes. :) But...Val and Patrick told me about a couple of stretches that seem to have really helped, and it was my first double-digit run since early Nov.

 I've spent a couple hours biking our local singletrack, once with Patrick and once with my sister-in-law. I think my last time mountain biking was back in September, so it was really fun to get out on the trails again. Our trails are pretty tame, but I'm finally feeling a little more confident on them. Yea! I made it back out to Marquette Park to play tour guide of the Pere Marquette race route. Even running a relaxed pace and stopping to clear downed branches from the trail our time was only 10 min off my race time, and I felt MUCH better than I did at the race. Yea again.


 We had all the boys with us for Christmas morning, which was wonderful. Usually we alternate where the older boys are for Christmas (us or their dad), but this year they worked it out so they could be everywhere. Santa was very good to us. My gifts had a definite fitness theme, and I'm particularly excited about my new headlamp. Hopefully it means far fewer tears on nighttime singletrack rides. :)


 Nathan moves into his dorm next week, which is sad and exciting. Hopefully he learned his lesson when he barely squeaked out of high school so college is a smoother process.

 A couple weeks ago I was featured on my friend Patrick's blog "Who Is..." series, where he's gotten his adventure-minded friends to write about themselves. You can check out Who Is...SuperKate as well as read about people living much bigger adventures. The beauty of adventure, though, is it doesn't always have to come packaged in an epic expedition. Sometimes it's just taking a different way across the hillside.


I'm hoping to eventually get together a year in review type of post, but for now I'm really just looking forward to what the next year has in store. January is starting things off with a bang with literally every single weekend full of blogworthy fun. I can't wait! :)


  1. Been keeping up with your Christmas break adventures on FB, but nice to see a summary here. Glad your hip is feeling a bit better. Have you done any foam rolling? That has helped me before. I've kind of gotten out of the habit, but I need to do it more. Enjoy your last days with the boys at home. Lovely Santa gifts. Since I got my trainer and new jacket as early gifts, there wasn't much under the tree for me, but I have about $70 to spend (from inlaws) so I need to figure out on what. Maybe a headlamp if I decide to do that icy half in a few weeks.

  2. Love the picture of your boys at the top of the stairs. I did that as a kid but my kids didn't???? Not sure why. We were laughing about some of our Christmas memories the other night. Glad you were all together. That is the best.

  3. Love all the pics. Everyone looks happy in the family pic except Jeff :-). Last family pic we tried to take the kids wouldn't cooperate and Cheryl finally gave up. She was hot to say the least.

    Hope the stretching continues to work. When I was having some knee and glute issues I found this video of hip strengthening exercises that look good. Of course I never did any of these :-)

  4. Love the family photo!! And I got that head lamp too just before Christmas. I got it to use in Jan for the night time half but it's getting great use right now walking the dogs at night!

    Here's to a great 2013!! Oh..and I hope your hip gets better soon...

  5. Great family picture! You'll have to make it an annual tradition now.

    Bring on 2013!

  6. LOVE the family photo. you look fantastic! (great hair too) Sounds like you have much fun in store for next year. yeeHAW!

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  8. that's a long time to go without a family pic! look at how much older than 4 and 5 they are! although you did say 'official', so maybe you have some "unofficial" ones which is just as good.

    feel free to steal "my" format. i wish i had more creativity to think of categories for some of my more popular posts but, eh, like anyone clicks on those links anyway haha.

  9. Happy New year to you , Kate!!

    I am happy you found some good hip stretched to help out. Funny you went and ran instead of visiting the doctor. That's something I'd do too.

    Loved seeing your christmas gifts!! I like the pink shuffle :)


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