Jeff and I celebrate our 7th anniversary on Monday. Our big plans include a very romantic volleyball booster club meeting. =) Being as Monday was out, we had our anniversary time this weekend.

Usually, we go away alone together for the weekend, but Jacob's preschool graduation and the weather intervened. With the stormy forecast, we weren't eager to camp Saturday night (though it turns out it would have been fine), and we don't have the money to stay in a hotel or B&B right now.

I was a little frustrated because usually I am the planner. This time, I was kind of hoping Jeff would take the ball, and he didn't. I had to consciously remind myself time and again to get rid of the expectation--of wanting something from him and being upset if he didn't come through as I expected. I didn't want to spend our anniversary being disappointed with him.

We ended up having a low-key, but nice day. We went to some yard sales in the morning with Jacob. Then, we dropped him off with my mom and went to see "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past". Very cute movie, and there in the middle of it was a quote that went right along with my "Cheerleading" post:
If there's one thing family does, it's believe--against all odds--the best of each other.

Wow. That was so much the message of the sermon I was talking about. If we went only by our experience of each other, we might believe some unpleasant things about each other. It is SO easy to stop seeing the good in the people we love and only focus on the annoying or bad things. And so often in a relationship, the annoying things are what we show the people we love the most. It's hard to always be loving, to always think of others first. Sometimes, we have to stand on faith to believe what we know to be true of each other, despite all evidence to the contrary.

If God went by our actions, it would be so easy for Him to believe that we will never learn. But He continues to believe--against all odds--in us. And I'm so thankful for that.

...and back to our day...We ate lunch at one of Jeff's favorite restaurants (which I also like). Then, we headed to Forest Park in St. Louis to ride bikes on the trail there. Jeff isn't that much of a bike rider, and his back has really been hurting him, so it was really selfless of him to go, let alone suggest going for a ride. Beautiful day to be outside, and it was nice to see Forest Park at a slower pace. I could definitely tell that it's been two weeks since I've been on a bike, though. :(

That was basically it. Time together, doing things we enjoyed. Who could ask for more?


  1. I loved this post about your anniversary. It was great how you each did something the other enjoyed which may have been a bit of a sacrifice...that is what love is all about!!!

    Our anniverary was May 9th, and I planned the whole night...we had a great time. But it would be nice to have it the other way around!!

    Happy Belated Anniversary,


  2. This was a great post and reminder for me too... to not always focus on the annoying things or the disappointments but to focus instead... on the good and right and true things.

    I love you Miss Kate and I'm so glad you're my friend!! Happy belated Anniversary! =)


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