Busy, busy

We were going in all different directions today. The older boys had a volleyball tournament out of town...


...and Jacob had his last soccer game in town. I went to the tournament, and Jeff went to the soccer game. Jacob went with Jeff's mom afterwards, and Jeff met me to watch the rest of the tournament.

The boys had some great moments. We took a game off of a team that has beaten us, so that was good. They played pretty tough in that game. They had some other pretty terrible games. Ended up taking 7th place out of 8 teams. :( BUT, they did win another match, AND Daniel got to set in the final two games. And did quite well. We were thrilled for him, and he was MUCH more pleasant to be around after the tournament.

Between matches, the boys' coach spent quite a bit of time talking to Nathan about how important he is to the team, how he can be a leader, etc. Between volleyball and football, Nathan's been hearing a lot of good things from coaches. I just pray that he keeps humble and keeps working hard and being coachable. I don't want him to get all big-headed and stop working hard or to be disappointed if things don't work out how he thinks they will next year.

We grabbed lunch/supper after the tournament and headed to Jeff's dad's house for more work on the volleyball court. It's maybe 2/3 done, but finishing before Memorial Day is going to be a chore. Jeff has spent a LOT of time over there lately, which is hard because we are so busy at home and have so much that needs to be taken care of here. We can't leave his dad to handle all the work, though, so he's made getting over there a priority.

Daniel had a Thespian Club banquet, so he left Jeff's dad's house early to go there. Yikes...his first "long" (1/2 hour) solo drive. It's so scary to let go of your child like that. I know...they can't be babies forever...but letting him drive off on his own was hard. I'm sure it'll get easier. I just gave him over to God and went back to work. Thankfully, he made it there OK. (I know I sound like an overprotective mother. That is--normally--sooo not me.)

I had to run out when we got home to buy a book and some food for the BBQ at my MIL's house tomorrow. One the way back from the store, I had the strongest feeling of happiness and well-being. I love my family. I love my life. I'm blessed.


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