My childhood church/school is having its annual festival this weekend, so my brothers and I met up there for dinner tonight. Well, "met" is something of a misstatement. We all kind of straggled in, poor Jim (and Kelsea) being the first and Jeff and I (quite surprisingly) being second. It was nice to get to hang out. Of course, there are a few pictures from the evening...

Kelsea jim audrey matt bonifest

My niece Kelsea, my brother Jim, my niece Audrey, and my brother Matt. (Jim is currently home on weekend leave and will shortly be departing on his second tour in Iraq. Please keep him in your prayers.) My brother Tom, Audrey's dad, was away from the table when I took the picture. Miss Audrey certainly didn't lack for attention tonight.

There was lots of cousin bonding, too.


Cousins! (part 1) Kelsea and Nathan


Cousins! (part 2) Jacob and Bradey


Cousins! (part 3) Audrey and Jacob


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