Went into Borders yesterday to pick up a First Communion gift for my goddaughter and ended up dropping $70. Because I have unlimited money. Or not. In addition to the devotional Bible I got for her and the journal that called out to me for a friend's daughter, I happened to pass a table set up with fitness books, one of said books being about cycling. Hooked.

I didn't buy that book. I paged through it without being grabbed. Then, however, I went and looked in the sports/fitness section and there was a row of books on cycling. I grabbed two, one by a female cyclist on training for century ride (100 mile ride) and Bike for Life, by Roy Wallack and Bill Katovsky. In reading the latter, the following quote jumped out at me:
Beyone keeping you focused, goals provide definable memory markers that are often missing in adult life, when one year of fighting traffic and paying bills can seamlessly blend into another.

Exactly!! I couldn't have said it that way, but it speaks to me. My life has memorable things, for sure, but most of them belong to my children. My "memory markers" have someone else's name on them. As a mother, I take great pride in my kids and their accomplishments, but I want to continue to achieve goals in my own right.


  1. I'm the same way! When Brittney left for college I began to realize that I didn't really have any goals nor did I know what I wanted. My kids are not little any more and becoming more independent by the hour it seems.

    This ride you're doing... has been a great inspiration to me because it's a goal that you have set before yourself and I know that you will make it. It takes a lot of discipline and "stick-to-it-veness" (aka determination) and you are doing a fabulous job.

    Now... what other goals are you going to set for yourself?? =)

    Thanks Kate for being my dear bloggy friend. I look forward to the day when we meet face to face!

  2. You are so funny, Bonnelle. We are a lot alike. My next goal might be a century ride.

    Spiritually, I'd like to grow closer to God and hear from Him (aka LISTEN to Him) and to start stepping up and out of myself to do things for others more.

    I so know what you mean about more independent by the hour. Daniel took his first solo drive today with the license he got on Saturday. Deep breaths and prayer.

  3. Oh, I SO identify with you when it comes to spending too much at the Christian bookstore. It is worse than Target for me!! I find great comfort in knowing there are other women out there with my same issue.

    And thank you for the reminder to make memories for myself...I too have children (2) and life seems to center on them and their activities.




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