Jacob's preschool graduation

Jacob's preschool graduation was tonight. I think it's a little silly, but it was very cute. They even had little caps and gowns. The kids filed onto stage and did the Pledge of Allegiance first.


The, they sang some songs.


Before the diplomas were handed out, there was an extensive bathroom break as first one, then another, then another kid needed to go. The rest stayed up on stage, sang a couple songs, and generally acted like giddy preschoolers.



Finally, it was time for the diplomas...

Jacob with diploma

Clearly, Jacob wasn't proud of himself at all. =) After the diplomas, it was time for lots of pictures and, of course, CAKE! We took a picture of all the boys...they're so cute together. And so wound up!!

Jacob and friends

In case you can't tell, that's Jacob in the middle, surrounded by his friends Oscar, Justin, Ben, and Brennan. Good times.


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