Merry Christmas to me!!

We had a terrible time buying presents for my older boys this year.  One, because my husband's boss has a nasty habit of cutting hours in the month before Christmas (since the holidays unfortunately coincide with a downturn in construction activity because of the weather); and two, because they gave use few ideas besides a PS3 (see #1). 

My husband used to have an awful time buying presents for me.  He'd ask what I wanted, and I couldn't come up with anything.  I could pretty much buy what I wanted.  Well, not entirely.  I always had a couple unfulfilled desires: I want to be thinI want to feel good about myselfI want to be happy.  So, because I didn't have any items to list that he could actually give me, I'd end up getting clothes (that were kind of depressing because of the size) and movies (that kept me on the couch that much more) and books (which I do love, but also see #2).

Well.  Turns out that once you have some actual interests, you're pretty easy to buy for.  I joked that I had a wish list as long as my leg.  I laughed when I said it, but it was basically true.  I didn't mention much of it to Jeff, though, because he went together with my mom, his mom, and my brother and sister-in-law to get me a mountain bike, and that was enough for him to be spending this year.  Another brother asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I told him to pick something off the required gear list for Berryman...when you're starting from nothing, you need everything.  :)

So this year, Santa brought me several helpful things.  Some running shirts.  Running gloves.  Running socks.  (Sensing a theme?)

My mountain bike, which despite being a bottom-of-the-line Specialized is the most bike I've ever had. 

A sweet water-resistant jacket

And a book on orienteering (it doesn't say "orienteering for dummies" on the cover, but that's what it basically is--you can check out my review of the book here), so that for now I have a better idea what it means when I'm blog stalking occasionally reading Team Virtus's race reports.  I'm hoping to very soon drag my husband out into the woods with me to practice what I'm reading.

There are still a lot of things on my current wish-list.  Luckily, I still have my birthday coming up to add to my gear stash, and I may see if I can do some extra work to come up with more money for my "toy fund".  When I look at the old wish list, though, I can cross off most of those items.  I feel good about myself.  I'm happy.  And while I may not be thin, I'm pretty pleased with the things my body has done for me this year...and it's going to be even busier in 2011.


  1. Nice Christmas haul! Time to hit the singletrack out at SIUE.

  2. Hahah, was laughing at your book. I have a minor in Cartography and sometimes I can't read a map to save my life :). Love your new bike, it's so pretty and sparkly! Sounds like it was a great Christmas - yay!!! :)

    Oh, and mine kids have no problems listing 50 $500 items on their wishlist. Seriously! I just roll my eyes at them, not sure why they even bother to tell me. Ha.

  3. Mery Christmas!

    It's gotten to the point where I just ask people for things that I know I won't buy for myself. I told my best friend to buy me a pair of rollerskates. We'll see if it happens...she doesn't think I'm serious. :)

  4. One of my six year olds asked for an iPad. I told her that Santa is not rich. What could a 6 year old want with an iPad anyway?

    The Precip jacket is one of the most popular jackets for AR. I've wanted one forever.

    And the bike looks amazing! The white grips are a nice touch, too. The only thing that would make it look better would be some mud all over it. Time to hit the trails!

  5. Are you ever NOT happy? I think had you gotten some new socks or laces for your shoes you would be grateful. This is why you are so fun to have in my pocket - when I get a can of soup in the White Elephant gift exchange and the person next to me gets a box of dark chocolates you say "That soup would look great on you"! Cheers!

  6. Love your writing and Love your comment on my blog. Your Turtle story make me laugh out loud!! :) Also love what you had to say about childhood. Yay for new bikes and having interests so you get good gifts! :) Thanks for always posting the best stuff on my blog!

  7. A runner and a teacher? My kind of blogger! Plus you have two of my favorite followers, Joanna and Kristen!

    I really want running gloves. It gets really cold here in Utah and my little girly mittens just are not doing the trick.

  8. Paydirt! So fun to get gear at any time. Berryman looks very cool.

  9. ha ha, you're so sweet to say that I still look adorable in my ugly jammies. :) Thanks for the boost. You have to promise to never leave blog land because I need to keep you around for good. :)

    Happy New Year Kate!


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