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I was tagged by Anne of Asthma and the Gift of Running to answer some questions.  Check out her blog...she runs and rides in Canada, and she's running her first marathon in May just like I am, so we can train "together".  :)

Here are her questions and my answers:

1. What's your favorite race and why? What's your dream race?

My favorite race, results-wise, was my first half marathon.  It's still the best pace I've maintained over more than 5K, and it was the race where I exceeded my goal for myself.  My favorite race, just because it was so darn cool, was the Skippo 20K.  I love running on trails, even if I hate the Castlewood stairs.

My current dream race is the 2011 Berryman 12-Hour Adventure Race

2. What's your favorite running tip?

I don't know about favorite running tip...I don't have many...but starting out with a run/walk program was really the way to go for me as a non-runner.  Gradually extending my run time while being able to take walking breaks worked for me.  If I'd gone out and tried to run 5K without stopping, I think I'd have given up after the first try.

3. Which reality show is your guilty pleasure?

Well, I love The Amazing Race, but Survivor would be my guiltier pleasure.

4.  What is your power song, the song that takes your running to another level?

I have a few.  Stronger, by Kanye West.  Lose Yourself, by Eminem. Remember the Name, by Fort Minor

5.  What is your secret to balance in your life?

I'm still working on this one.

6. What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

Race-wise, see number 1.  Both the race itself and starting to learn the things I need to be able to do in it (improving my mountain bike skills and orienteering, in particular).  I can't wait to get my new bike for Christmas!

Julie at Julie's Running Blog was also tagged to answer some similar questions, and she took the easy way out and "tagged" anyone who'd like to answer them.  So...

1) Do you prefer winter or summer running?

Hmmm.  It's easier to dress for summer running, for sure.  I'd say I like/dislike them about equally.  Both have challenges.  One fun thing about winter running, though, is the looks that people who don't run in the winter give you when you mention that you ran in the 9 degree weather before work.  :)

2) What has been your toughest race to date?

Hands down, Saturday's Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run

3) What are your running goals for 2011?

Run my first marathon, hopefully under 4:30.  Do a sprint triathlon.  Do an adventure race.  Of the three, the tri is the one that's looking a little less likely due to the swimming factor.  We'll see.

4) Do you have any other passions in life?

I love to travel...camping and hiking.  I love reading.  I absolutely love my job.  And I am my childrens' biggest fans at their sporting/dramatic endeavors.

5) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

This is hard.  I love Wisconsin in the summer, but I'm sure glad I'm not living there now.  I'd like to live somewhere with a variety of great places to spend time outdoors. 

And now I'm supposed to tag a few people.  Feel free to pick one list of questions or the other.  :)
Jenny at Dandelion Dreams
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Patrick* at Trail and Error
Slomo* at Life's Too Short Not to Run
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And YOU, if you want to!

*sorry, boys, if being tagged in a questionnaire is too girly for you.  Feel free to kick sand in my face or something next time you see me.


  1. The picture made me feel better - Thank You! I so want to be on the Amazing Race! Not so much on Survivor though...

  2. Hey Chica,
    I love these posts too:) I love your answer about balancing life...dito!

    My hubby is a freaking Amazing race addict and his butt does not leave the couch until it ends:)

    Loved this...made me smile!

  3. Hi Kate,

    Just wanted you to know you won the last contest. Check out the "Elf me" post to confirm.

    Great blog by the way.

    Take care,


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I've got to agree with "Lose Yourself" and "Remember the Name" being awesome power songs.

    Check out "sweet home country grammar", it's really similar, and one of my favorite workout songs. You've got to give it a few seconds though, it has a slow start!


  6. Oh, I'm bad at these but I will try try try! :) I love Survivor...watch it every season and don't miss it...oh, that reminds me to watch this Sunday for the final show! Oh my, thank you, without you, I would have spaced it! Love your goals for this nex year...I also want to do a sprint tri. maybe not in 2011 but one of these days.

    Thanks for such a great and thoughtful comment on my post. I will look at that blog you mentioned!

  7. Tag? Um....thanks! Hahah. I am very bad at these but I will do my best :).

    I love your balancing answer. Do we ever get it figured out!?!

    Just checking to make sure you send your blog gift???? :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  8. Thanks for playing along Kate :)

    I used to watch Amazing Race all the time...but, somehow I missed the beginning of this season and just am not into it at this point.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Thank you so much for such a great great comment with awesome music choices. I love Jason Mraz, John Mayer and several of the others you mentioned! NOw I feel even more guilty for not doing this tag yet.


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