2010: The Year in Review

It's been a busy year, and full of surprises.

January started out with some really cold weather.  Wind chills were so low that school was called off two days in a row.  Naturally, the next day I decided to take a couple of my kids hiking.  About two hours to our southwest is a box canyon that has the most amazing frozen waterfall in the winters.

Well worth bundling up!

Apparently nothing blogworthy happened in February, but at a family dinner towards the end of the month, my sister-in-law asked me if I wanted to run a 5K race with her.  I'd been reading a lot of friends' posts on facebook about the Couch to 5K plan, so I agreed to go, bought the C25K iPhone app, and started running.

The one picture I posted to my Flickr account in February.
In March, my knees were starting to bother me from running in cheap shoes, and I was touched to get some good running shoes from an unexpected source.

March was pretty empty (picture-wise) as well.  But a former student (now a volunteer firefighter) came to do a community helper visit with his crew and two fire trucks.  Very cool experience for my current students. (P.S. While I teach first grade now, I had the firefighter student when I taught 7th grade.)

In April, I ran my first 5K in just under 30 minutes.  The next day, I went mountain biking for the first time and learned firsthand that it can be hazardous.

My right hand...got me out of washing dishes for 7 weeks.
In May, I went for my first long bike ride since the fall, and my 15 year old son dropped me like a hot potato. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, but it was his first time on a bike in about a year.  I also ran my second 5K.

Run for the Bonifest
Just once I'd like a flattering running picture. lol
In June, my summer vacation led to a big increase in posting (3 posts in May, 27 in June). I ran a cross country mud run, my first 10K, and rode the Katy Trail for the second time.

2010 Katy Trail bike ride
I do wear a helmet...it's hanging on my right handlebar.  I was just getting back on the bike.
In July, I ran another 5K, played mud volleyball, took second place in the Tour de Donut bike race (with my donut-adjusted time), took my first of three trips to Wisconsin, taught my youngest to ride a bike, and did a bike ride with my brother.

Hannibal 2010
I'm smiling, so we must've won this match.

In August, I did another long ride (50ish miles), took a second trip to Wisconsin, struggled with overtraining and priorities, started a new school year, and most certainly did not compete with my brother.

Enjoying the refreshing waters of Lake Michigan with my oldest two
In Septermber, I made my last trip of the year to Wisconsin, played in another mud volleyball tournament, rode 104.75 miles in the Capital City Century, and played Survivor family-style.
With my aunt midway through the century
Survivor 2010
Ready to start the family Survivor games!
In October, I ran my first half marathon, joined Team Hangover at a 20K trail race, ran a 10K, and swore off ever making family Halloween costumes again!

Skippo 20K
Looking short post-Skippo

Sweeny Todd/Famous musicians theme
Things slowed down a bit in November.  I got some spirit and pondered the unexpected blessings that suprises bring (particularly surprise children), went for a family hike, logged some failures, and ran a 10-mile race.


Go Team Hangover!!
Team Hangover rides runs again!
And now it's December.  Hard to believe the year is almost over.  This was a fun month, though.  I volunteered at an adventure race, ran in a muddy mucky trail race, and came in 6th (out of 7) in a virtual half-ironman.

Pere Marquette Endurance Trail Run
Hills + mud = exhausting, messy fun!
All through the year, I've met wonderful new blog and Daily Mile friends who've enriched my life, broadened my knowledge, and inspired me to consider things I never would have dreamed of before (adventure racing, marathons, and beyond).  I've signed up for things I couldn't do and completed them...not always well, but always finshed, anyway.  And I've learned a lot of things.  One, that I can do more than I ever imagined.  More importantly, I learned that you can compete and enjoy the competition and belong there even if you don't have a snowball's chance of winning (well, unless donuts are involved.  Then I have a chance.).  Even the last place finisher comes in ahead of everyone who never tried, and they probably had a lot more fun, too.  Well, once it's over. 


  1. Fantastic look back at the year! You had some good times in 2010. Have a wonderful 2011!

  2. What an awesome Post, Kate! I love the pictures! Happy New year!

  3. What a grea tyear, hope 2011 is equally fantastic!

  4. What great pictures! Love the mud one. :) Now, I really want to go exercise. I hope I follow through with that one!

  5. Looks like a great year! It's been fun following your blog since we met at the Lewis and Clark half. I look forward to lots of blogging in 2011!

  6. can wait to read about 2011 from ya! love the ice pix!

  7. Oh this is awesome Kate! Loved looking at your pictures. I don't see enough pictures of you! :) So nice to put a face to all the lovely words I read from you. :)
    Looks like it has been a huge fun filled year for you...way to go with all the big things you've accomplished! Yay! Thanks for another great comment from you today...Your kids have got to be so proud of you. It can be so hard to fit everything in and still do things for ourselves. Also, love your bucket list/goals...you sound like a passionate person full of limitless ideas for your life!

  8. Great year - I've been hearing a lot about this couch to 5k? I'm thinking about it....

  9. June is the smile of the year!!! I like very much this post, thanks for the idea, my next one will be the "year in review" too if you don't mind.
    Great pictures.
    Have a wonderful 2011

  10. What a fantastic year! Happy New Year Kate! :)

  11. This was such an awesome post Kate! I really enjoyed reading about your past year! Holy cow, you have accomplished so much!!!! Look at all of those fun races that you competed in:)

    Good luck to you and may 2011 bring you tons of fantastic everything! Hugs!

  12. Hey Kate,
    Your plans for 2011 sound great! I want to do my first tri at the end of the summer and I'd like to try one of those adventure races sometime too..what adventure race are you and your bro doing?

  13. What an incredible year you've had! Loved seeing all those pictures, esp. the dirty ones ;-) Best wishes to you in 2011 and keep smiling!

  14. A great year, I love how you had so much diversity in so many different avenues. The mud looks...um...muddy and I am certain I couldn't have done that, the wussy girl I am and all hates to get dirty - hehe.


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