What was I thinking?

Yes, I know I already blogged today. What can I say...I'm on vacation...I'm sitting at N's practice still feeling the multiple vodka & cranberry juices I ingested at Jeff's work party (you'll be glad to know that with that amount of cranberry juice in my system I'm unlikely to have any concerns about UTIs for some time)...and I had a couple of links to share with you.

First of all, go read this. Now. Seriously, it's ok...I'll wait.

Back? Oh, my gosh. She is hilarious. Most Of her stuff is pee your pants funny (and that's not just the vodka talking). I can totally see tormenting my youngest or one of my nephews like this (the older two can, unfortunately, give as well as they get, so tormenting them ends up being hard on me).

Second. On
Wendy's blog today I read that she'd signed on for Luke's Iron Christmas virtual 70.3. Clicking on the link, I read the rules. Swim 1.2 miles, bike 54, run 13.1 between yesterday and midnight Christmas Eve. "Why not?" I thought, and I signed on.

Then, and only them, did I google "how many meters in a mile". 1,609!! If my math is right, that's like 32 laps. Plus the .2 miles. "fuuuuuuuddddddge...." only I didn't say "fudge. Hmm..perhaps it would've been wiser to look that up before I signed on? Since it would be a darn shame to get my first DNF in a virtual race, I guess I'm going to give it the ol' college try...even if I haven't swum since August. Lol. Good thing I'm on Christmas break and the kids are still in school!


  1. God I love work parties:) Vodka and cranberry juice sounds sort of yummy...almost like your not really drinking at all.

    I hope that you and your family have a beautiful Christmas:)

  2. Plus, neither my husband nor his work partner drink, so I'm actually drinking for three. :)


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