New math: how a bunch of firsts may total last place

I  started really thinking about Conquer Castlewood--beyond hey, sounds cool! This'll be fun!!--last night and reality set it a little.  I wouldn't say I'm freaking out, but I'm definitely feeling intimidated. 

1. First time meeting my partner.

2. First time in a canoe (sober) since practically Girl Scout camp.

Lounge lizard
Chances of me not falling out of the canoe are definitely better this time around.

3. First time mountain biking at Castlewood.
4. First time running off the bike in a race.
5. First time riding a bike in a race (as opposed to a non-race) ever.

I had looked at the finishing times from last year.  The fastest person finished in 55:18, and the last place finisher came in a 2:16:17.  So I thought to myself, I should be pretty much in the middle.  I won't be the slowest, right? Surely not.

But last night I started doing the math (not my strongest subject, and I tend to do a lot of really ambitious reason I'm ALWAYS late).  I have no idea how long the 1-2 mile canoe leg will take.  4-5 mile trail bike...between being slow up and scared down, I'm not too sure about that, either.  And 3-4 mile trail best average pace at Castlewood was about 11:09...right there, a 4 mile run is over 44 minutes.  Yikes.  Oh, well...somebody has to be last, right?  It'll just give me something to beat next year. :)

Stay tuned...


  1. Hey, somebody has to be last! And odds are, it WON'T be you :)

  2. I will be waiting for the details! Hope you had fun!

  3. Ahhh, you won't be last!! And if so, least you finished! :)

  4. Yeah listen to Jill. Man that stings! Good luck I'll be Thinking about everyone while I hobble around the house with my head hung in shame.

  5. You are so brave :) I'm sure you'll have a blast and I agree with Jill. You probably won't we last, but if you are, at least you did it and you finished! Good luck!! Can't wait to read all about this new adventure.

  6. Just grab on to that last place in math as you won't get it in the race.

  7. You totally just made me want to be sunbathing in a canoe right now :-)

    Being last is underrated. The fast people miss all the fun of a race, in my opinion. People are more friendly in the back of the pack!

    So either way- you win!

  8. Hey you! I am part way into like 6 or 7 books too! :) Ha! And Congrats on your race today. Sounds like a great weekend.

  9. I'm still thinking I'll be last in my duathlon (if I even sign up). But I don't need company. You won't be last!


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