Thursday 13...the anniversary edition

1. One cool thing about the LaCrosse marathon was that the local camera club volunteers its time.  All of the pictures they took were posted online for us to copy and keep.  No spending $$$ for race photos (which is nice, since I had to buy two new tires that trip). Thanks, La Crosse Area Camera Club!

2. Here's one from early on in the race.

I believe I mentioned I was loud and obnoxious fun.
3.  Here we are coming in to the finish line.  I don't hate this picture as much as I hate most of my race pictures, and would you look at that smile? You can tell my brother is hurting (remember, his legs started cramping right at the end?)

jim kate mary
We did it!

4.  This month has been really stressful.  In between coming up with the money to buy plane tickets to California for N's volleyball tournament, money to pay the balance of his club volleyball costs, money for the assorted costs of college orientation for D, money for a graduation party for'll be a miracle if I don't have an ulcer AND still have my bike fund in June.  Breathe in, breathe out...repeat.

5.  We all know I'm not mother of the year, but at least I don't have a report card to show it.  I found this picture on  Funny stuff.

6.  Yesterday was Jeff's and my anniversary.  Nine years ago, this is what we looked like:

7.  We had a beautiful wedding, a wonderful reception, and then spent a week in Mexico.

Tulum, Mexico
8.  This past weekend, while we were camping in that cold rain, I passed the area where the cub scouts were tent camping and thought to myself, "Boy, poor cub scouts...I bet they never expected it to be this cold and nasty in mid-May."  And then I remembered that it had been like that for our wedding (not rainy, but unseasonably chilly).  And then I realized that our anniversary was in three days.  Sooo thoughtful.  Yeah, bet you wish I was your wife.  lol. 

9.  Leaving the volleyball match on Tuesday evening, I asked Jeff, "Can we establish that we aren't buying each other anything for our anniversary? Just cards, right?" (see #4 above)  (Yes, I realize that this proves that I hadn't yet bought him anything on the night before our anniversary.  He agreed.

10.  Yesterday at school, I was called down to the office.  For these.

I was shocked.  I think he's given me flowers twice: our wedding day and the day J was born.  And I flat out told him that I wanted flowers after giving birth.
The flowers caused some minor commotion in the classroom since the kids were all excited about them, so we turned it into a journal assignment: What should I give my husband for our anniversary?  Suggestions were a tie, a guitar (I'd love it if somebody played guitar...I have these daydreams of sitting around the campfire singing along to the guitar playing John Denver songs), and go bowling.

11.  You know what's fun? Schlepping a dozen roses home when you have a 40-minute commute.

Luckily, I had a friend who helped hold them.
12. This year for our anniversary, we dined at Chez EHS...a very exclusive venue otherwise known as the local high school.  We were there for the volleyball banquet. 

On the plus side, our $10 meals were FAR better than the $17.50 tuna casserole at the academic awards banquet.
13.  I haven't run since last Thursday.  I haven't been home one evening since then, and I've been to bed too late to get up early to run.  On one hand, I know running would help me deal a little with some of the stress; on the other hand, I get mean when I'm overtired.  We'll just call this a rest week. 


  1. Great list! Sweet wedding picture.

    Steve and I visited Tulum on our very first vacation with each other. Talk about hot and humid! I think that same day we busted out some innertubes and floated down a lazy river in that area. Great memories from that vacation!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary, I am a week out from my 9th. thanks for the reminder that I need to send flowers!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Mine is today--what a great month to get married!

  4. definitely lived it up with fine dining for your anniversary!! Who wouldn't want more cafeteria food since you don't get to eat it daily (if you ate it daily...which I don't - ha. But some teachers do and I always question their sanity :)!!).

    I hear ya on the expenses - I just got a "bill" for marching bad and track high-altitude training camp - holy crap, I may need a 2nd job...or 2nd mortgage!!!!

    Love that LaCrosse has free race pictures...the one of you living it up just make me smile! That's the way to run a marathon, girl!

    Happy Anniversary!!

  5. That was marching "band"....still a little early in the morning. :)

  6. LOL - 17.50 for tuna casserole? ick. LOVE that the race pictures are free for that race. Pictures can cost a fortune! Luckily I don't take good race pictures - ha ha.

  7. Free race pictures! Yay! I am all for that. I just can't believe how expensive they are from the pro's... Love the picture of you coming into the finish line. You look so satisfied!

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love the idea of free race photos. Very classy anniversary dinner btw :)

  9. We married the same weekend 1 year apart!
    today is #10 for me!
    I have a Anniversary post !
    you were a beautiful bride!

    Free race pics! wow I have never seen that!!!

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  11. Does this mean we could've gotten some money for all of the Deuce photos? I feel like such an idiot.

    I want me some arm-warmers like that:)

  12. Happy Anniversary. For my next one I've got to work on the fine dining standard that you've set!

  13. HEy, I have never ONCE received flowers for me at our school. I am so perturbed, I'm showing my wife this right now.

    Nice job on the race! Kudos to you both for finishing.

  14. sweet post! congrats on finishing the LaCrosse marathon and on nine years of marriage! Here's to many more years of wedded (sp?) bliss!

  15. Love the race pics rockin the arm warmers! Happy anniversary and thanks for the reminder. Mine is coming up in 9 days (it's engraved insode my ring so I can look it up :-)).

  16. This was great Kate! Loved the marathon photo at the top! :) Your wedding looks gorgeous. And how sweet was that that he sent you roses?! Love that you strapped them in. :) 40 min commute?! Yikes. Happy Anniversary!

  17. Love the roses. Hope they survived the commute home. When is the graduation party? I find planning parties stressful. Good luck with it and enjoy it!

  18. Happy anniversary! Mine was on may 12 (the 32°....yes, my wife is old!!!!! ... ...).
    Free race pictures, sometimes it happens.


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