Triumph, tragedy, and a few other tidbits

1.  Triumph: N's volleyball team won the championship in a tournament yesterday.  N. played pretty much the best he has all season, which was wonderful to see. This championship was particularly sweet because two years ago we got our first (and one of only two) victory of the season.  That season was the first our boys volleyball team was in existence, and a 2-15 record was brutal for players and parents alike.  Winning is much more fun than losing.  You heard it here first.

N's girlfriend and J spectating
2.  J, who normally couldn't be much less interested, actually watched the last match.  When I told him later that it was really nice to see him watching his brother play, he replied, "Well, was the championship!"

Yes, I do have a husband.  And I'm sure he was having more fun than it looks in this picture.
3.  We went hiking yesterday on some of the trails I normally run on.  The difference between fall/winter and spring is very evident.  The trails are much easier to see, but much more overgrown.  J, who was only guilted into going by repeated mentions of Mother's Day, had a blast.

"I do not want to fall down there!"

4.  Tragedy: when we got back, I was bringing in a bunch of stuff from the car and dropped my phone on the driveway.  Face down.

This is your phone on crack.
I looked at some videos on replacing your iPhone screen, and that was enough to convince me that I need either a friend who's smarter and handier than me (not so hard to find) or to pony up the money for someone else to fix it.  Anybody local want to volunteer to help me out?? (hopeful smile)

5.  For breakfast today, I had chips, guacamole, and wine.  Breakfast of champions.  Or alcoholics.  One of the two.

6.  Am I the only mom in the world who would prefer to spend Mother's Day on my own?  This "holiday" is too much build-up, for sure.  My ideal Mother's Day would be to sleep in, get breakfast out, go for a long bike ride or run, have a pedicure and massage, lunch out, get a new book and spend the rest of the day in the hammock with it.  You can add margaritas in there at most any step.

7.  I bought my own Mother's Day gifts.  Some Bath & Body Works lotion and body wash, and entry fee to the race of my choice.  Jeff added in Run Like a Mother, which I've been wanting to read.  I also ordered The New Rules of Lifting for Women, Cardio Strength Training, and Run Less, Run Faster.  Looking forward to reading those, learning something from them, and hopefully filling the gaping hole that is my strength training.  Thanks for the suggestions, Luke!

8. D is going to take me to see Jersey Boys as my MD present.  I'm torn between being touched and urging him not to spend so much money on me (he just got his first paycheck from his first non-babysitting job).  As he said, though, "I've never really spent any money on you before," so I'm going to just appreciate his gift and the time together.

9. J made a MD card at school where he had to fill in some blanks.  Here's one of my favorite pages:

mom day
First of all, I rarely help him with his homework.  Because Jeff gets home earlier, he usually has J picked up and homework finished before I pull in the driveway.  Second, get a closer look at the illustration.
See his incorrect fact family?
How does he immortalize his mother's loving homework help? Me looking at his wrong answer and saying, "Nope!"  Or, as he recalled when I mentioned this, "Nope...wrong!"  The funny thing is that I'm pretty sure those fact triangles are one of the last things he did when I helped with his homework, which suggests that his recollection of my supportive guidance is most likely right, too.

10.  On Laima's suggestion, I entered my marathon blisters in the 2Toms Worst Blister contest on Facebook.  (after some technical difficulties, likely user error).  Although I spared you the sight of them unless you wanted to click on the link, now I'm asking for your help.  If you're on Facebook, I'd appreciate it if you would "like" 2Toms and then find my nasty picture and "like" it, too.  If my picture gets the most likes, I could win a 6-month supply of 2Toms products and have no gross blister pictures to inflict on you all any more.  So really, by helping me, you're helping yourselves.  :)


  1. I love your mothering stories...I totally relate :)
    Actually, Mother's Day is not a big deal at our house...I'm not much into the Hallmark holidays. When my kids were younger, I would have loved the day to do my own thing!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you had a great day.

  3. Your breakfast...hmmm, wine? Ha! I totally agree that on Mother's Day or at least part of the day should be spent alone! :) I got way spoiled this year with a few days of pre-celebration but I really really needed it and time alone was at the top of the list. Books and hammocks...ahh, sounds lovely! :) I'm going to get Kara Goucher's new book tomorrow and she's going to sign it! :) I also ordered Run Like a Mother forever ago and still have not gotten it. The author asked me to do a giveaway for it but I wanted to finish the book before I did that so that I could really know what I was talking about...hmmm, Amazon better get with it! Happy Mother's Day to you Kate!! Love J's pictures. Nope. :)

  4. I think it’s better if mothers can by their own MD gifts. It just makes things so much easier. I love hiking on the trails I run. I always see things I don’t notice while running and it’s also good to let the family see/feel how tough the trails really are. Have a great week!

  5. Congrats on the V-ball championship!

    There is one reason I cannot have an Iphone, I drop my phone too often. Well, that and I would never get anything done if I had one....

  6. I had a great bike ride - sans family. I'm in total agreeance with you on that alone time :). We don't do a lot either but I did make my kiddos help me rake leaves in the yard all day...figured it was the one day that I wouldn't have to listen to them bitch and moan about it!! Ha.

    Um, look for me in the Run Like a Mother book, particularly on page 71 :).

    I'm thinking a glass of wine is the prefect way to start the day...I must look into that!!

    Your son's story just cracked me up about the homework...funny what triggers the thoughts in their head. I remember my daughter in kindergarten (she's now almost 21) wrote I made the best canned green beans ever. Yeah, I deserve some mom of the year award for that one!

    Congrats to N's volleyball tournament - woohooo! That's awesome!

  7. "nope ... wrong!" breaking your iphone not a tragedy. now you can look up and see the world again. :)

  8. Amanda, in my defense, breakfast was at 11:30 when I got home from church. :)

    Jill, I'll be looking you up when I get home.

    Slomo, I beg to differ with you on that point. It may be a minor thing, but the money to fix it isn't.

  9. Congratulations AND sucks about the cell phone. I couldn't get the photos to come up.

  10. oooopsy on the phone.....
    Run Like a Mother: my favorite!!!
    I love it and I love their facebook page
    great gals!

    Mother's day..I am like you...I prefer alone time, I went running to escape the zillions fights in my house, the joy of having 2 boys and a husband.

  11. I think on MD you can do whatever you want. I let it be known I was going for a run and later a bike ride. Everything needed to revolve around that. Wait, I always say that.

    Love the card and the Jersey Boys gift. Oh my, that is sweet.

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend.. I love being out in the woods..I am excited for the weather to get nicer here so we can take our little guys on hikes, such fun to be out in nature..

    Sorry about your phone, good luck with the blister contest :)

  13. Oh...poor phone :-( I just know I'm totally going to do something like that! I am so not graceful.

    Love the drawing! SO CUTE! My son used to draw me with really big hands and my daughter would always make sure to include my tired eyes - red squiggly lines all over the whites of my eyes. HA! Thank God they sleep through the night now and my eyes look a little better :D

  14. Your ideal Mother's Day sounds ideal to me too! Those are all my favorite things to do!!

  15. Glad for the triumph and sorry for the "tragedy"!
    Beautiful pictures of the woods, I would like to walk through a wood but here only green country: however I don't complain.


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