Answered prayers

This is a quickie because I'm dead tired and headed to bed. Couple of things I wanted to note first, though.

1. I was really disappointed last month when Jeff and I were unable to pull together a volleyball team for a local league. I had really been hoping to keep playing this fall. When it didn't happen, I was pretty upset for a day or two and then just accepted it with the attitude that "if I'm supposed to get to play, it'll happen" and just put it into God's hands.

2. At school, I'm having a wonderful year so far, as I've noted before. Of course, there are always challenges. I pray almost daily for creativity and patience and for God to help me do the best possible job in my classroom. On Wednesday in my small group at church, my prayer intention was for God to help me reach two students who have some particular problems that I haven't been able to address very successfully.

3. Jacob has been dying to go to Six Flags for Fright Nights (Halloween stuff, which he and his daddy LOVE), but we have NOT had the money to go.

So....why am I writing about this now?

1. A couple we know from volleyball called last night and asked us to play on their volleyball team. :) !!

2. I'm not sure exactely how it happened, but K. (one of the students who was my Wednesday intention) seemed to make a real breakthrough with her counting, which is a HUGE difficulty for her. I had said a couple of things to her in the process of doing some counting, but I'm sure it was nothing she hasn't heard before. Anyway, we'll see how she does next week, but something just seemed to click. She normally can't count past 3 or 4 with 1:1 correspondence (that is, she can count to whatever, but she can't correctly count how many in a set of, say 7 objects...except that today she could), but today she counted sets of 7 and 8 correctly.

3. My sister-in-law invited us to go to Six Flags with them tonight. They had free passes, so all it cost us was parking and gas to get there.

I am definitely seeing God's hand at work here, and I am SO thankful to Him...both for these blessings AND for allowing me to SEE and RECOGNIZE Him working in my life.


  1. What an awesome post! It's so cool to SEE prayers answered and what a great reminder that God sees and cares about the little things that are important to us (and our kids)! Thanks for sharing! =)



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