Jacob's birthday party

Ah...it's over. And it was a resounding success (if we do say so ourselves :D). The kids all had a great time, and I think the adults did, too. Of course, my little humility-saver (AKA Jacob) was in full force today. As soon as Bonnie and Kaili arrived, Jacob informed them, "Do NOT go into Mommy and Daddy's room because that's where they put everything and it's a MESS!!" Thanks, buddy. Keeping my pride in check!

Thankfully, the weather was beautiful. We couldn't have had a more perfect day for an outdoor party. When I woke up this morning and saw the bright sky, I was SO relieved. When the kids first go there, they played on the swingset in the back yard and ran around.



Then, we played "Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin". We had a few technical difficulties...

101_2720...like the board falling over!...

101_2724And the fact that we couldn't keep the blindfold over the kids' eyes...

101_2726Problem solved! (stocking hat over face)


Poor pumpkin never did get a nose! Well, later one of the boys moved his nose to the right spot. :D

Next, we cooked hot dogs over the fires.


...and then ate.


After eating, the kids ran off to play some more, but the swing got a little dangerous as it got darker. Instead of cake, we decorated sugar cookies that I baked earlier.




We had some beautiful creations, let me tell you! After the cookies, Jacob got to open his presents.




You think maybe he had fun? Look at that smile! And now, Jeff and I are going to put him to bed and CRASH and relax. (Although, I'm sure Jacob would remind us that, before we go to bed, we're going to clear off all the junk we left on it!! :D Haha...oh, well...it was worth it.


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