Halloween craziness

Every year we have a big Halloween party, and every year it's a big stressful thing because I make most of our costumes myself, and every year I swear next year I'm starting earlier, and every year I am still sewing as people come to the door. And this year we are having TWO Halloween parties!! Aaaaaaaa!!!

Jacob loves Halloween. Llloooooovvvvveeessss it. The costumes, the decorating, the music (the child listens to Werewolf of London, Monster Mash, and Purple People Eater as he sleeps!)...everything. So, for his fifth birthday (which isn't actually until November), his "friend party" is going to be a Halloween costume party. This Saturday. Hoooo boy. Then, the big family Halloween party is actually Nov. 1. Because that's the first free Saturday we all had.

So, the next couple of weeks will be pretty crazy, what with the last football game, the party, the Rams game (that's the newly resurgent Rams to you! :D), a birthday party, a going away party, and a carnival at church...and that's just this weekend!! Yikes. It's going to be great, though, and my challenge is to enjoy and make the most of this time rather than spending it stressing out and hating everybody around me. Let's hope I'm up to that challenge. :)


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