My babies are growing up

Last week, Nathan went to Homecoming with his girlfriend. This weekend, Daniel went to our Homecoming. AAAAAA!!!!! How did they get so grown up??

Football and homecoming 363Daniel and Leona

101_1773Nathan and Jenny

They sure do clean up well, though, don't they? :)


  1. Kate... thank you so much for your kind words! I love getting your little comments on my blog and I've come to look forward to them! Just this morning I was like..

    "OH yeah! I did a blog the other night & I bet Kate posted something for me!" so I went to my blog and sure enough... you didn't disappoint!

    Then I come to yours and I always receive a smile here too. You have great looking kids and I love reading your posts.. they're so honest and you sound like you're growing so much in how you see God and His faithfulness! I just feel that He is pleased and smiles on you with an even bigger smile than I do! =)

    Have a GREAT day Kate!


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