Dance fever

We went to my cousin's weding tonight. While we were sitting at the reception waiting for the dancing to begin, Jacob told me, "I wish there was another little person here who's a girl so we could pretend to be married and dance together."

He did his share of dancing with me, which got Jeff off the hook (for which I'm sure he was profoundly grateful). He also danced with my niece, Kelsea, and with my mom. Of course, "dancing" mostly meant twirling your arms up and then spinning back around with a few break dancing moves thrown in (by Jacob...the rest of us were able to restrain ourselves, lol). He was quickly commandeered by a little girl at the reception, though, and they were hilarious to watch.

He was all about the dancing. And the girls. Looks like we might have a little Romeo on our hands! (ugh)

Because I like for my posts to be a multi-media extravaganza (ha ha), we also have a video for you. Unfortunately, our digital camera doesn't film well in the dark, so it's a little hard to make out what's going on. As your eyes get accustomed to the dark, though, you can definitely see that the little girl is in the lead!


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