Pumpkin farm

Went to Relleke Farms with Jacob's day care today. And remembered the camera. Yea! The kids got to do a lot for the $6.50 the field trip cost. Check it out!

First, the kids got to play in an area with a straw pyramid and a climbing area. The first picture shows the pyramid (and Jacob, in line in the red and blue jacket). The second picture shows Jacob at the top of the pyramid.


101_2395"I'm the king of the world!!!!

Next, they did pony rides. Jacob waited very patiently until his turn.


He enjoyed his ride. Wasn't a bit scared. I think this might be his first pony ride without one of us standing next to him. (And I made it through just fine, thanks. :D)


They got to feed the goats and see geese, pigs, a llama, a cow, and rabbits.


Of course, a trip to the pumpkin farm wouldn't be complete without a hayride!


Jacob and his friend Emma covered me in hay, which was so fun. Or not. Good thing I'm not allergic to hay.

After the hayride, the kids got to go through a small corn maze on their own and then a much bigger one with the grown-ups. Jacob was having a great time being the (self-appointed) leader when one of his friends decided to take a turn at the head of the pack and led the group the rest of the way out. That didn't go over well. :)


I'm not sure, but I think something might be bothering him here. Haha. Oh, the trials of being four! Then, in solidarity with their crabby friend, the rest of the kids turned around and refused to have their pictuers taken!


Right before going home, all of the kids got to pick out their own pumpkin.


Um, not that one, boys!!

It was a great day! Even felt like fall, especially to those who had forgotten our jackets. :O


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