At my small group at church on Wednesday, for some reason God's favor came up. One of the girls was talking about getting her job, a good job that she was in no way qualified for (but has done very well at). It made me get to thinking about when I got my job.

I am definitely qualified for my job, and I'm good at what I do; however, the job I was initially hired for wasn't one I wanted at all...and I told them that. I interviewed with the principal and the special ed coordinator for a job teaching 7th grade special ed, but I really wanted to teach at the primary level. I was very upfront about this, even on the phone initially, but I told them I'd be glad to talk to them about the job.

I was interested in the way that they were structuring the special ed program, and after interviewing they asked if I would be interested in the position. I told them that I would only be interested if I could teach language arts and social studies and that I understood if they weren't able to say that at the time and knew of someone who wanted to teach at the middle school level and would do a great job for them. And they still called me and offered me the job!!!

I really didn't enjoy that year, nor was I all that good at the job, but towards the end of the year the special ed K-1 teacher's husband received notice of a military transfer...and I was on the phone immediately with the special ed coordinator: "Remember how I wanted to work at the primary level??" This is my sixth year teaching K/1 (now just 1), and I love it!

My point in all of this is that there was really no big reason for them to hire me. I had interviewed at three other schools and not been offered a position, so I'm obviously not absolutely stellar in an interview. And I told them I didn't really want the job. Looking back, I see the hand of God all over that hiring process...and I am so blessed by His actions on my behalf. :)


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