Fall Fun

Jacob and I raked leaves today in the back yard. We did a lot of raking, but somehow the yard doesn't look much better. Hmmm...I wonder why...maybe because we had a slight difference of opinion. I though it would be good to rake and bag the leaves. He thought it would be more fun to rake the leaves into a big pile and play in them. (He was right!)

Here's how it went. First, we (meaning mostly I) raked the leaves into a big pile. Then, Jacob buried me.

Bury mommy

Sadly for him, it's not that easy to keep me down, and I escaped and tackled him!

Leaf shower

Somehow, in the middle of all that fun, I lost Jacob. (And yes, I know the hat is quite stylish and flattering...or not...but I hate to be cold!)

Where's Jacob?

Eventually, he turned up. Whew!

Leaf pile

It may come as a huge shock after all those pictures, but it turns out we still have a lot of leaves in the yard...so anyone who wants to come play in the leaves with us should come on over! (and bring a rake).



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