Yard work

Along with the leaf raking today, I managed some other yard work as well. Our compost barrel was about full, so I figured it was time to dump it and see what I could dig into the garden. I was pleasantly surprised! All but the top layer was nicely broken down. Last year it didn't go so well and I had a sloppy mess to dig back into the barrel.

I'm trying to garden without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We had a better yield this year than last, and I'm hoping that next year is even better. Last year's Halloween hay bales, the finished compost, and a bunch of our leaves (NOT Jacob's fun leaves...other leaves from the front yard) will be dug into the soil maybe next weekend.

This was a nice, low-key weekend. Friday night we watched Survivor and then played a game with the boys. It was pretty fun. Saturday I got to sleep in until 11 (wow. Wow!! It was great.) and then we spent the day playing with Jacob and picking up the house. Jacob had a birthday party at 4:30, and then Jeff and I went to see Changeling after Jacob's party (very handy having a live-in babysitter).

Today Jacob and I went to church. I love taking him to church and knowing that he is learning more about God, and I love going to church. I never imagined that I would look forward to going to church, but I really do now. I'm so glad that I've found this church. :) After church was the leaf raking, and then I worked on the compost while he was napping, worked on some paperwork for school, watched a little of the (awful) Rams game with Jeff, and rode the exercise bike. This in the midst of running Daniel where he needed to be. Took a hot bath this evening and just soaked. It was really nice...I actually fell asleep in the tub. Guess I needed the sleep.

Like I said, low-key weekend, but nice. :) Headed to bed now. Have a great week!


  1. I would love to see pics of your garden this coming year--I really want to do the same. I love our church and never thought I would ever say that since I was raised a Catholic and all--hehe.


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