Kid update

I know everyone has been missing my updates on what the boys are up to. Right?....right? (Bueller....Bueller...Bueller...)

Well, anyway...Daniel didn't get a part in the Christmas play this year, which is a little bit of a bummer because it's performed for all of the local school kids and it's kind of fun for my friends' kids to get to see my kid in a play. But oh, well. He's working tech crew on that, and he really likes that group of kids. He did get a part in the Madrigal dinner.

Madrigal is pretty cool. It's kind of like dinner theater combined with a concert and a play. They serve a multi-course dinner while the cast puts on their production interspersed with songs. Daniel has the part of the sheriff in this. Last year he was a waiter, so this is a step up, I guess.

When we last left Nathan, he had just finished the football season and we were anxiously (or not) waiting to see if he made the high school basketball team. He did make the freshman team (which is wonderful, because he was in grave danger of developing some kind of serious thumb injury due to all the video game time he was logging in his time after school) and started off on the "B" team but has managed to work himself up to the "A" team.

Tonight was the season kick-off scrimmage. Nathan did a pretty good job. He's definitely not the star player, but he plays strong. He rebounded much better this year than he has in the past...before he was pretty tentative. He also did a great job on their half-court press. I'm looking forward to seeing the team in action against other schools instead of just their "B" team. First game is next Tuesday. Whoo hoo!!!


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