Holding onto your feelings

I have always been a big-time venter. If I have a problem, I complain and vent. Even about things that aren't big, huge deals, I can make complaining and whining a competitive event. Given this tendency, the direction "Take it to the throne not the phone" and varieties of this have been quite a revelation.

The most I can say here is that I recognize that complaining about my problems and tiny annoyances to anyone who'll listen isn't what I'm supposed to do, and I'm trying to take my problems to God first. It's much like overcoming an addiction, I think. Anyway, today in browsing back through an old issue of Shape magazine, I found this little item:
"Talk therapy has long been touted as the best way to get over a traumatic
experience, but a new study shows that itsn't necessarily true for
everyone. Researchers at the University at Buffalo found that working
through things on your own or letting your feelings sit can be just as

I think that you could insert prayer in here. We don't have to work things out on our own when we can turn our problems over God and trust in Him to resolve them. We can let our feelings sit as long as we aren't ruled by them...and in the knowledge that God will turn our problems for our good in some way.


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