Praying with my son

I've been trying to do the 7 prayers a day with Jacob (see previous post, link to blog about this is there). In our house, we almost always pray before meals, but that's usually the only "out loud" praying that is done. I don't know if Jeff or the boys pray otherwise. I am trying to pray more regularly...just making it a regular part of my day. Well, not "a" part...lots of parts.

I wrote down the Bible verses that were suggested. First, I would pray with Jacob; then I would pray over him. Anyway, the first night I prayed over Jacob, he was just pretty quiet about it. The second night, he was downright silly and obnoxious during both our prayers and my prayer. Last night, though, he was adding to the prayers I suggested and coming up with some of his own. It was so neat to see. He was really into the different verses and wanted to know when we were supposed to say them. This morning, as we were getting into the car, he said, "We forgot to say the leaving the house prayer!" (which we hadn't...we'd said it just before we left).

The thing about our mornings is that we pack an awful lot into the 35-40 minutes between me waking him and us leaving, so we have about 4 prayers back to back. Not that that's a bad thing...I'm just wondering about tweaking the process and maybe adding something I can say for him during the day as well.

Now, all this pertains to Jacob. I want to do this for Daniel and Nathan as well, but am not as comfortable starting it with them because I'm pretty sure that they'll look at me like I'm crazy. I'm trying to remember that it isn't how they look at me that matters as much as it is them seeing and hearing me pray over them and them hearing God's word over their lives. So we'll see how that goes.


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