Please keep my sister-in-law in your prayers

My little niece was born on the 11th, and my sister in law (Kristy) had to be hospitalized yesterday because of several blood clots in her leg. They are letting her keep Audrey with her during the day, and my brother is keeping her at home at night. I'm sure he's doing a great job taking care of her...and developing a new appreciation for how exhausting it is to get up all night with a newborn!

Kristy is currently on bedrest at the hospital and on lots of meds. She'll hopefully get to go home early next week, but she'll be on the meds for the next couple of months. She's supposed to be fine, but please keep her in your prayers to help bring about that good outcome.

Here's are Tom, Kristy, and baby Audrey...



  1. What a beautiful little family! I will definitely be praying for your sister-in-law and your brother as well. Thankfully they were able to get her the help, rest and medications she needs to get better.



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