Christmas past

We do not have a fancy theme Christmas tree. Instead, our tree is filled with a combination of gift ornaments and ornaments the kids have made in school or in Scouts. I love our tree. It's like a walk back through the past every time we decorate it. I thought I'd share some of my favorite ornaments with you...

Nathan's stocking
Nathan made this one in 2001 when he was in 1st. Incidentally, the shirt he's wearing is the exact same shirt Daniel had worn for school pictures the previous year.

Daniel's tree
Daniel made this one in kindergarten.

Kate's snowman
I made this in Girl Scouts. Clearly, the arts are not an area of skill for me!

Jacob's snowman
Jacob at age 2.

Jacob's reindeer
Jacob made this one this year.

Jacob made this one last year. It appears that he got his artistic talent from me! :( Poor guy.

Afro angel
Daniel made this ornament in first grade. Dubbed "Afro Angel", she is a continuing source of embarassment for Daniel and enjoyment for the rest of us. Daniel spends the Christmas season attmepting to hide Afro Angel in an inconspicuous spot on the tree. The rest of us repeatedly return her to her place of glory right in the front until he finally gives up and leaves her there. The tree will never be complete without Afro Angel.

Paint brush Santa
Cub Scout craft project. I think it's so cute. If I was a little more on top of things, I'd do these with my class as parent gifts. Maybe next year. No...I've still got about 40 plastic Christmas flower pots to use up first!

Lightbulb reindeer
Another Cub Scout project. The reindeer is made from a painted lightbulb. Nice re-using project, but no WAY would I try these at school. I can't imagine many of them would get home in one piece!

Jacob's mitten
Jacob painted this last year at a birthday party. It was held at one of those ceramics studios where you paint an item and they fire it for you.

Raggedy Ann and Andy
An echo of growing up. My brother Jim and each had an ornament similar to these. I loved to play house with them in the tree. He gave me these ornaments a few years ago.

Sandpaper tree
Nathan in kindergarten. Awww!

There's Waldo
Waldo is another family tradition. He is hidden in the tree, and the boys look for him and then re-hide him. This is a much more pleasant tradition since we got a fake tree and no longer get stabbed by pine needles!

Gingerbread Nathan
"Gingerbread" ornament made from applesauce, cinnamon, and glue. Saw this done at Cub Scouts, and decided to make them for the family. Apparently Nathan's is the only one left.

Me! In 1978 at age 5.


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