The Wall

I've hit it. The Holiday Wall.

Every year I have these thoughts of saving money by making gifts. Of course, it's never as cheap as you would think...and it's a lot of work. In addition, our volleyball league has an end-of-the-season tournament this week which results in us being out late late twice this week. Since we've been gone and I've been swamped, our house is a disaster. Last night I just wanted to curl up and hide...but instead I addressed Christmas cards while we watched a Christmas movie with the boys.

After the movie, Jeff put Jacob to bed while I went shopping for Jacob's teachers' gifts (an ornament attached to a cookie mix we had put together in a mason jar), gifts for my aides, and some Christmas gifts for my family. Once I was out of the house and shopping, I was able to relax a little, and when I got home Jeff and Nathan had done a bunch of cleaning.

Here's a list of the homemade things I'm doing/attempting this year:
  • Jar cookie or soup mixes (about 20 or so) for co-workers and friends
  • Cookie mix wrapped in a Christmas flower pot for students to give their parents (classroom project...way more work than doing it myself! :D)
  • "Gingerbread" ornaments with student and family faces on them (very cute and finished except for the faces)
  • Photo book of pictures from my mom's 60th birthday party for her (done)
  • Thomas Kincade cross-stitch for my MIL (almost definitely won't be finished in time)

Tomorrow is the last day of school, so after that I can relax a little and wrap some presents. The thing of it is that I love to make things for people, and I love to send and receive Christmas cards. I just start way too late. Maybe next year I'll do better. I don't want to be too tired to relax and enjoy my family and attend to the real reason of Christmas.


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