Things that make you go hmmm...

Jacob was busy the other morning. If he wakes up early, we'll often have him play in his room for a while so that we can sleep in a little. He has a ridiculous amount of toys, but lately he's been really into his puzzles. He is an amazing puzzle worker...and goes about it so much differently than I do.

When I put a puzzle together, I start with the outside pieces. Jacob, on the other hand, sees the "whole" of the puzzle and puts it together from the inside out. It's so interesting to watch the way that he learns and does things. He's been able to work 50-100 piece puzzles since he was in his late 3's-early 4's alone or with minimal help.

Anyway, Saturday morning he was up early and played in his room. He was pretty busy, because this is what we saw when we went in there:


I asked him later about the puzzles he had done, and he mentioned the "dead animal puzzle". Huh??? I had to go up and look again. The long floor puzzle is about endangered animals. OK, so we need to refine his understanding of "endangered". Haha.


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