Nathan's basketball game (WOW!)

So far, so good. Nathan's having a great season so far! They're record is 4-0. So far he has started each game and gotten a lot of playing time. He's not one of the big scoring stars, but he's been a good supporting player so far. We've been really impressed by his aggressiveness this year. In the past, he hasn't seemed to go for the ball that much. That has changed this year.

Of course, another thing that has changed is his number of fouls. He's been in foul trouble in two of the past three games. Naturally, HE isn't doing anything wrong; the refs are just against him. Right? Right?? Um, he might just have inherited his tendency to foul from (whisper) his mother. Whoops. In last Saturday's game, it seemed like he was called for a foul every time the ball was anywhere near him. This week, he was definitely being more careful about the fouls, but he was considerably less aggressive, too. Hopefully he can find some happy medium where he's really going for the ball but not fouling out!

Boy, today's game was SO exciting! We played Belleville West, and it was a really close game all along. Nathan was only out for a little bit of it, so it was really fun to watch. I mean, watching the team is fine, but there's nothing like watching your OWN kid play (unless it's being able to play, yourself). They used a half-court press most of the game, and in the second half, Nathan had a terrific steal on the press. He was RIGHT next to the sideline and his momentum was carrying him off the court. Before stepping out of the court and while evading on of the other players, he managed to get off a GREAT pass to one of his teammates. On which we scored. Yea!! We (me, Jeff, Nathan's dad, my mom and her boyfriend, my brother, and my is so nice to have other family who care enough to come to the games) were all yelling so loud!

The game was back and forth the whole time, and we were actually down one with less than a minute to play. One of our players was fouled and sank both freethrow shots to give us the lead. We held off the other team for most of the remaining time, but they finally got off a shot with SECONDS left in the game. It bounced off and they shot again, but our defenders were all over them and I think they ended up with a jump ball. It was Edwardsville's turn to throw it in, so we got off a pass in and then held on for dear life. What a game!! It's a good thing I took my blood pressure medicine this morning!!


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