Deep breaths God is definitely giving me the opportunity to strengthen my patience muscles. What a challenging day. I did, however, remember to look for and thank God for the blessings within my complaints. Such as...

I took my frustrating morning as an opportunity to thank God that I have a job, that he is helping me to increase my patience, and that I was, in fact, able to maintain a pleasant, patient demeanor with a particularly difficult student who, for a time, anyway, shaped up.

I let my .2 pound weight gain (in our school's Biggest Loser competition) remind me to praise God for the availablity of food in our house and our country.

And, while I'm kind of bummed that our work Christmas party doesn't start until 6 and right now I'm exhausted and only want to go home, I'm trying to focus on the facts that a) I have 2 1/2 hours to Christmas shop before the party, b) my children are in good hands while I'm gone, and c) I have friends and colleagues with whom I can enjoy celebrating...once I get there.


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