Holiday fun

After Nathan's basketball game today, Jeff and I went to a free Christmas fun event put on by a local chiropractic office. Since my ex-husband had brought his wife and their two kids to the game, we invited the wife and kids along while he waited for Nathan to sit through the next game. I've probably mentioned before that Kim, my ex-husband's wife, is one of my best friends. I guess it's a strange situation, but it works for us. Their kids and Jacob are around the same ages and all get along, so we're kind of like one big, weird family.

The kids had a great time. They got to sit on Santa's lap...


Make a Christmas ornament...


Get faces (or hands) painted...

101_3100101_3101 a couple of games, and have a snack. They also got little goodie bags. It was a nicely done event and surprisingly uncrowded.


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