I've said it before, I'm a complainer. I'd say "recovering complainer", but I'm really only recovering in the sense that I at least recognize now that it's a problem. Today, I've caught myself a couple of times wanting to call my husband and complain about things, but I've stopped myself. Here, in writing, I want to put things in perspective.

* Rather than whine about being a little achy from falling down the stairs this morning, let me be thankful that I wasn't badly hurt, that our stairs are carpeted, that I have enough house to have a downstairs, and that my Nathan, for whom I was on the third trip down to wake him up, is alive and well enough to frustrate me.

* Rather than complain that I grabbed the wrong tupperware this morning and had plain noodles for lunch today rather than the nice meal I had prepared for myself, let me be thankful that I have food to eat of any kind in this world where so many are starving.

* Rather than grumble about having to go back to work, let me praise God that I have a secure job and that I was able to enjoy a paid break.

When I stop to think about it, I think that many of my biggest blessings are wrapped in these complaints. Let me never allow inconveniences to mask the many ways in which God has provided for me. I want to have a spirit of joy and appreciation.

Lord, thank you for all of the blessings You have given me. Help me to always recognize and appreicate Your provision for me.


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