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The Shack The Shack by William P. Young

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I may post a more thorough review later, or I may not. I'm still processing what I read, and I probably would need to reread the book...and I don't know that I will.

Like several of the reviews I briefly scanned, I didn't think the book was at all well-written. The story was very "tell" rather than "show", and what could have been a gripping plotline...wasn't. I'm a fast reader, and it took reading over two days to finish this book. I had to make myself sit down and read it.

The book hopes to give some answers about where God is in the midst of tragedy/how could a good God let bad things happen as well as the nature of the Holy Trinity and God's presence with/in us. There were times when, to paraphrase the author, I felt like I was this close to "getting it" before "it" slipped away from me. That said, I thought The Shack was thought-provoking at times and worth reading. It doesn't give you the answers, but it might flesh out some of your questions.

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  1. I haven't been by in awhile so it was nice catching up with you.... I too didn't quite know what to think of The Shack. Part of me liked it but part of me didn't... it was an odd sort of a book! =)

    I love your blog and the pictures you display. I felt like I was on your walk with you! What fun and what a beautiful sunset! =)

    Ah Facebook... a place where you can have so many friends and yet feel like you have no friends at all! =) I'm always thankful to be reminded though that in those blue moments (that I have many times over a holiday season) that God is always there... right beside me and He loves me no matter what!

    It was great catching up with you! I hope you have a great day!!



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