So, tomorrow is my evaluation at work. Tenured teachers (whose ranks I joined almost 2 years ago) in my district are evaluated by an administrator every other year. Nontenured teachers are evaluated every year.

My first evaluation ever was by the then-superintendent of the district, and I felt like she really looked at what I was doing during the observation. Every subsequent evaluation has been done by our former principal. They were usually short and sweet. My evaluations were always great...perfect, in fact. It's nice to see on a piece of paper, but I never felt like those drive-by evaluations really touched what I was doing in my classroom.

The point of the evaluation for the district is to make sure that its teachers are doing what they are supposed to and pinpoint areas for improvement. Repeated poor evaluations could lead to loss of a teaching position. I certainly don't want a poor score, but I always wished my score truly reflected me. I am not perfect. There are areas in which I could certainly use improvement, and having a...not impartial, because the school wants me to succeed and perform well...an honest assessment of my strengths and weaknesses can help me to become a better teacher.

If I listen. If I submit to that judgement and look for ways to improve my areas of weakness. If I implement those ways.

This year my evaluation will be performed by our new principal. He's very invested in doing his job right. I think he's going to pay attention and really examine what we're doing rather than check my name off his list and move on to the next classroom. I'm a little excited and a little nervous. You always sit up a little straighter when someone is watching.

Of course, Someone is always watching. I am evaluated by Him every day. And I can grow closer to Him if I submit to His judgement and His ways. I am so thankful that I serve a God who gave me "tenure" when I accepted His Son as my Savior, and who is far more invested in my success than my school could ever be!


  1. Kate,
    I love your posts! Lately I can really see (hear) you growing in God and it's really cool!! I know that He gives you a gold star for doing such a GREAT job!! =)

    Keep up the great work!



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