What my fast has taught me

My church has been fasting this month. We chose what it was we wanted to fast and for how long, but the "official" fast period was from Jan. 5-26. As a lifelong Catholic, I've endured 35 years of Lent and struggled with meatless Fridays as well as the two days of fast and abstinence from meat. For this fast, I chose to fast soda (my biggest addiction) and lunch (I love food. Love it.) I learned several things with this period of fasting:
  • Somehow it's much easier to follow through with the fasting when it's my commitment, rather than an obligation.
  • I've been much less legalistic (as in, "OK, exactly how much food can I eat for breakfast/lunch that doesn't comprise a full meal together").
  • I need to get my attitude about food under control. This has really taught me that I don't need a snack or another soda just because I've got a free moment. I will hopefully come out of this with a healthier attitude towards food and, when I resume lunches, make more of an effort to make good choices with what I eat.
  • I can do it when I set my mind to it! I've been SO hungry quite a few times, but I've stuck with it (except one day where I blew it).
  • Limiting what I eat is much easier when I make God a part of it. How many other things in my life need me to write God over them? How much better could my life be? (I think this is the number one lesson right here.)
All of that said, I think I have really missed out on the most important part of the fast. Along with the "giving up" part, we were also supposed to replace that thing with more prayer and time with God. It is still a struggle for me to spend time with God, whether it's in the Word or in prayer or just in quiet time with Him.


  1. Well done! =)
    I've always wondered how Lent is for Catholics in the "giving up" and what fasting is truly about (spending more time with HIM). I always find fasting challenging and enlightening at the same time. Keep going and don't give up! I believe there is more to come for you.


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