Last night was quite the adventure. Nathan had a 6:00 away game, so I was doing pretty well getting right out of school. Made it home at around 4:40, which is good for me...but Nathan texted me about 10 minutes before I got home to tell me that his game was actually at 5:15. Yikes!! That gave me about 5 minutes to eat and run. Luckily, Jeff had picked up pizza and had it waiting for me. What a guy! :)

We hightailed it a couple of towns over, and there were quite a few cars in the high school parking lot. Walked into the gym....and nothing. Dead empty. Huh???

Called Daniel, who had just made it home from working on the tech crew for the latest musical at our high school, and he checked the schedule. We were in the wrong city!!! I could have sworn Nathan told me the other city. Yikes. By then we were questioning whether it made sense to go to the game, but we were already out. We got to the game in the 3rd quarter, and I did get to peek through the glass and see Nathan on the court, but by the time we actually had paid and were in the gym he was out. Where he remained for the rest of the game because the second string was in. Ah, life. But we were there. :) And back we'll go tonight for the next game of the the right city!

Journal note: Jacob has his first loose tooth.


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