Things that have me thinking...

Kind of a mishmash here, because I don't really have the time to sit down and make this a coherent whole, though I think everything goes together. So here it is...

Some things this weekend have me thinking. No resolutions as of yet, but things are cooking around in my mind. In no certain order:

1) Our pastor is currently doing a series called "30 Days to Live". What changes would you make in your life if you knew that you only had a short, finite amount of time left? I've always thought, Oh, it would be so easy to be good/eat right/live right if it was for a short time. The reality, of course, all of us have a finite amount of time left, and when viewed from the end it isn't that much time at all...and I have some changes that should be made.

2) I'm reading the book This Book Will Save Your Life. I'm not that far yet, but the main character seems to be a fairly wealthy guy who's managed to basically wall himself off from the world to the point that he doesn't have to leave his house, but through a series of circumstances is forced to rejoin the world.

3) Last night, as part of our attempts to actually do something together as a couple, Jeff and I went to see Yes Man, Jim Carrey's latest movie. Somewhat similar (at least superficially) to the book I mentioned. His character has, post-divorce, withdrawn from any kind of social life and turns down basically any offers...always playing it safe and insulating himself. He goes to a conference where he is convinced to say "Yes" to any offer, and when he puts this into effect good things start to happen to him.

I'm a good one for saying "no" to things, or even when I say "yes" then I second-guess and worry. Like the guy in #2, I find it very easy to stay in the house. I'm sure that Jeff sometimes wondered to the person he married, because I used to be much more open to doing things, even things that were out of my comfort zone; now, it seems like "no" is my default answer. It's easy. It takes no effort to say no. Between the book and the movie, though, it really got me thinking about how God makes things happen in our lives when we are open to them, and I think I'm getting a nudge in that direction. Maybe even a shove. =)


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