That didn't take long!

Took Jacob to the climbing wall at our local Y tonight. He's been wanting to climb it, and now that he's 5 (yeah, yeah...he turned 5 in November, but it just recently occurred to me that now he's old enough to climb the wall) he can. Got on the harness, waiting in line, and he had a really nice guy belay him. Got about 2 feet off the ground and was in tears.

Jacob climbing the wall

Here's about where he stopped. The funny thing is that he's climbed at least twice as far on a playground rock wall when he wasn't roped in and waaayyy further on REAL rocks when we were hiking. (I have the feeling there's a lesson here about God, but it's not coming to me. If it does, I'll be sure to post it.)

In other news, I'm playing single mother this weekend. Jeff will be at the Cardinals Winter Warmup all weekend. The older boys are with their dad, so it's just me and Jacob. Naturally I'm feeling lousy, but it's not too bad with ibuprofen. We had quite the busy day today...

8:30 Took Nathan to school so he could take the team bus to the game.

9:15 Leave for Nathan's game (about 1/2 hour away). Actually arrive on time...something akin to a miracle for me.

10:00 Basketball game

11:30 Lunch with sister-in-law, niece, and nephews. We went to McDonald's so Jacob and his cousin Alex could play in the playland. With the terribly cold weather (temps in the single digits and wind chills below zero), the kids have been stir crazy.

1:00 Niece's basketball game. OK, that makes one this year, so I have chalked up all the "good aunt" points I'm going to get.

2:30 Nap. Ahhhh!

7:30-7:35 Rock wall. =)

We're going to sit down with Jeff and watch Polar Express in a bit. Talk about your busy days! Haha haha. Just my speed.

Tomorrow we have church, then I'm going to go return some Christmas gifts that didn't fit right. I'm planning to save the money towards my bike trip.


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