Just journaling

We had snow days the past two days. Jeff, Jacob, Daniel, and Nathan went out shovelling driveways for fun and profit on Tues. Jacob lasted two houses (with his jr.-sized shovel...so cute) and then came home for hot chocolate, but he earned $3...his first "earnings". We went to see Bedtime Stories (largely dumb, but cute and entertaining) later in the day.

Tuesday morning's 1.5" was dwarfed by Tuesday night/Wednesday morning's 6-ish inches. Our first "real" snow in a few years!! Of course, Jeff (who was called off work for Tuesday's sprinkling of snow) had to work. The boys and I went back out and reshovelled for the people who'd paid them before and then one more driveway. Then, I came back and did ours. It can fit about 8 cars in it, which is wonderful for parties but a lot of work when it's covered in snow. I managed most of it, and Jeff finished it when he got home.

We went sledding in the afternoon for a couple of hours. There's a great hill not too far from our house. It was packed, but we still got lots of sledding in. All in all, it was a good day.

Today was (finally) my evaluation at work. My students were as wonderful as they get. =) I don't have the results, but I should have a decent evaluation. I was proud of them. And if having the principal there keeps them that well behaved, he can sit in every day!!

Somehow I lost my car keys at Jacob's daycare. Jeff had to bring me the other set. Hopefully they turn up tomorrow.


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